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  2. Id on 2 marbles

    You have a Vitro Helmet on the left, from the 1930's. Not a rare marble, but a much loved one. I think also a Vitro on the right. If that's transparent inside, then it's sometimes called a Transparent Whitie, and it's a relative of the Tiger Eyes. From the 1950's. If solid white inside then just a regular Whitie, and I think from the 1960's.
  3. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    If the Road Runner can run into it but the coyote runs into a wall, then it is a tunnel.
  4. Hmmmmm...... miniature dinosaur eggs. The look more like petrified jelly beans.
  5. Marble gifs :)

    I can do the roller coasters because it's like I am driving...(LOL). It's the spinning things that get to me. LOL.... I do like to stand outside the spinning rides and watch other people get sick...
  6. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    So it has to have color on the road, not design? I think I even see a bike lane.....
  7. Today
  8. If you can't afford the amazing MFC Fruity Zebra, he has a nest of dinosaur eggs up: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PREHISTORIC-DINOSAURS-FOSSIL-EGGS-LOT-8-IN-NEST-REPTILE-BIRD/282736995415
  9. Id on 2 marbles

    Is the clear, blue and white a Pelt?
  10. pelt?

  11. mib ID

    she is pretty..thanks every one...
  12. pelt?

    i'm gonna order a blacklight after work today. i can tell you it's 5/8..
  13. pelt?

    I'm not getting a sense of a pelt ribbon and seam structure. It's coming through more as a swirl. Maybe Champion. What does the base look like under blacklight?
  14. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    No, your marble was a christensen agate with nice tail action!
  15. mib ID

    That marble is most likely a euro swirl some sort. Pretty marble.
  16. Made by Wun Fak Mib one of Chinas premiere Handmade Marble Artists
  17. pelt?

    feeling pelt on this clear yellowish mib..
  18. mib ID

    i like to get enough pics for every ones references,never know when some one might get a mib with same traits..this mib is crazy fudge sunday for now...lol
  19. mib ID

    It's wild and wonderful and definitely a keeper. Alas, I still don't know what to call it.
  20. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    I don't think it needs more than this: Though with the machine-mades I usually expect to see a flatter seam.
  21. mib ID

    ok this mib is 11/16,and has 2 seams, here is a better look..you can see both seams in the one pic.
  22. Yesterday
  23. purple pelt? +2 previous mibs

    yes thanks Grant!!
  24. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    **Hijacked** https://www.ebay.com/itm/Akro-Agate-Blue-Base-Oxblood-Swirl-Marble-Size-5-8-Near-Mint-/352202515765?nma=true&si=ET1jkNq07cQq12drv5Cf3PsA8%2BM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 What are the features of a Road and Tunnel? ie, long single seam, huge loops off the seam, flow towards the loops, little loop action some where else...? Anyway, I think I have a few of these type's. The above auction I think was a Persian Oxblood R&T....
  25. Beautiful Marbles for sale

    Hi. Very nice. Good luck to you.
  26. Marble gifs :)

    sorrrreeeee! I like the ride where you spin around inside a barrel and the bottom drops out. Can't do roller coasters or ferris wheels.
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