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  2. French collector

  3. French collector

  4. Mostly Pix - Alley

    I just took a stroll threw this thread and realized I have never posted this Sistersville. Better late than never I reckon. =}
  5. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Cool marble Jerry, the pic almost looks like a slightly colored B&W
  6. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    Any possibility that the one on the right is actually a different maker than the one on the left? 🤔 (maybe older? explaining the wear?) I think the left one looks most like the Jabo pic, and the more I look at these pictures of them, the more different they start to look! 🤣 Or is my brain really trying too hard?!
  7. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    I didn't think Jabo because of how the marble was worn. But other than the old-looking wear, I have no objections to the ID.
  8. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    Ding ding ding!!! I think we have a winner??? Friend of mine was able to find a photo he had -- (pic used with permission!) Whaddy'all think? Looks like a bit of a second color sneaking into that swirl there, but besides that... looks dead on to me! Now trying to find out more about them, interested in learning whatever info there is -- what year? Some kind of special run? Is there a name? Any Jabo experts floating around the forum here?
  9. Favorite Pelt Rainbo

    Nice, I like the pattern.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hi Folks

    Welcome... let's see some glass!
  12. French collector

    Welcome French Stephane..... Nice marbles you have there!
  13. Vacors

    *sticks out tongue at Richard*
  14. Favorite Pelt Rainbo

    Thanks, Mike. I might not have believed it myself, Winnie, except I found it in a Pelt bag. (A Champion Jr. bag.)
  15. Found his big cousin

    Nice.... what's up cuz!
  16. Favorite Pelt Rainbo

    Simply beautiful...
  17. Favorite Pelt Rainbo

    It's Nice,thats no ordinary Pelt,I've never seen it before but if you say it's a Pelt then I have to believe you.
  18. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    If sizes might help, they're both about 5/8" (the one on the right is actually a hair smaller, reading 39/64" on that one). Thanks for all your thoughts so far everyone At this point, looks like these will go to whatever next show I end up at with me, get eyes on them in hand.
  19. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    In that Cairo pic -- second row down, all the way over to the right: that one looks very much like these (as much as I can tell from one view, anyway), except on a different base color.
  20. Vacors

    and Master bananesque 'blobs' remain as ugly as sin
  21. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    The ribbon tips look more typically Alley than Cairo to me (not familiar enough with Jabos to comment), but that fold could be Cairo (or Heaton).
  22. Vacors

    I guess I wouldn't call the flamas uncommon. But they are popular. Foreign banana-like marbles without the special finish aren't as special. American bananas of course remain special.
  23. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    I can't say not Alley. The alternative which came to my mind though was Cairo Novelty.
  24. I've been thinking about this one a lot lately. It's definitely a contender for my favorite one which is actually mine. .
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