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  1. Problem solved, please disregard this post. Flicker
  2. Eatons In An Accident

    My deepest condolences to the Eaton family, Edna im so sorry to hear Weldon had passed away, I have been away from marble forums and chat rooms for some time now and have just only found out of the accident. R.I.P Weldon
  3. Off The Topic

    Hi there marblers, its been a while since i played with my marble collection and I miss it very much, but here I like to invite everyone over to my new musical chat room, its based on bands and music, its still in construction but the chat rooms are up and running, so if any members here are into music please feel free to visit and use my chat rooms, a non profit chat site. www.thebandchatlounge.com kind regards Flicker - aka:Rock
  4. Read Me ...please :-)

    Hey Steph, Yes you are a credit to the marble community. best wishes Tom.
  5. New Member Saying Hi

    G'day Howard and Howie, Welcome from the only aussie marble collector around here Tome.
  6. Photo Tutorial

    Hi Lou, I have some original music I have created in the form of 'Wav' or 'mp3' format and just like to ask you if there is anyway to post it on a thread here? thanks Tome.
  7. Triple Ingot Marbles

    Here are some pics of my only Triple-Ingot marble i have. Tome.
  8. Double Ingot Marbles

    Did somebody mention Double Ingots? Catseye Double Ingot, one of my favourate and rarer ingots.
  9. Tome! Whaddaya Know About Quandongs?!

    Oh maybe I was alittle harsh towards those cute little marble look alikes the 'Quandongs', I guess they woulda been the closest thing to marbles the kids had in the outback, but I reckon clay's and stone marbles woulda been heaps better then seed marbles though, gee ill have to revisit Janes site again to check out is she's another aussie marble collector, very interesting topic I thought. Tome.
  10. Tome! Whaddaya Know About Quandongs?!

    Well if you ever lost your quandong marbles, I bet they would pop up in the form of a new quandong tree, you could start your own quandong marble production network, hey you could make shooters from the avocardo seeds! or peewee's from the cherry seeds! a new line of marble production, I only just accepted clay marbles and benningtons as marbles. :-/
  11. Tome! Whaddaya Know About Quandongs?!

    G'day Steph, lol, What a question!! The seeds of the Quandong tree are round, pale and knobbly, early settlers used these for making necklace beads, stud buttons and Chinese checker marbles, also for medicinal purposes. Today, they are only rarely used for these purposes, by locals and art and craft shops. So I would say no to that Steph, they would be no way classified as marbles here. Tome.
  12. Akro Salesman's Sample Box

    A lot of money!