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  1. 27/32-Inch Orangy Ribbons On Clear With Bubbles

    i believe these to be from the Nova family. i posted the pics on facebook, and someone said Clear Nova. sure wish i could get more input on these and the story behind the Nova family runs. i have recently seen at least two other different examples said to have been part of those runs...a swirl of lighter green on very dark green, and another patch type of the same color scheme, all around 7/8-inch.
  2. who made these two marbles? they are just under 7/8-inch.
  3. Pelt Patches

    thanks, Steph, for sleuthing this out!
  4. Thoughts And Opinions On.....

    yup, probably Euro, then. (good to see you, too!)
  5. Thoughts And Opinions On.....

    what is the size on that, Dani? (my guess would be Euro, too).
  6. Vitro Cosmic Rainbow

    here's some
  7. Vitro Opal?

    looks like an older Conqueror, but not an opal.
  8. Anyone Have An Alley Coral?

    green eggs and bacon sorry, i couldn't resist
  9. Kokomo

    i see Master Glass.
  10. Vitro Elite Shooter Grading Delima

    awesome mib! if the surface is intact and no other damage, then mint. those underground bubbles are sweet!
  11. Dirty Jobs.....

    in the news... (the article says it will air again on Dec 15.)
  12. The Eagles Have Landed!

    so, what DID happen to the lutz marbles? was that a box of them on Dave's desk?
  13. Dirty Jobs.....

    the EAGLES post (not that i'm smarter!)
  14. Dirty Jobs.....

    watch on youtube and more