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    Professional Antique Dealer 18 yrs. <br />Parents were glass dealers, I was born & raised in the Business.<br />Auctioneer since 2005 Own Auction Gallery<br />General Marble collector w/ interests in Pelts & CAC
  1. eBay Buyer Beware of this auction

    If you go to the seller's feedback page it states:
  2. Group 013: ID/value range help

    #1,4,5, & 6 are Peltier Rainbos, #3 is a Vitro Tiger-eye.
  3. Group 18: possible oxblood/egg yolk

    #4 looks like a Peltier Rainbo to me.
  4. Rebel or not?

    Yes a Rebel. Just a straight, thin pattern.
  5. I was trying to be subtle in saying the complaint was petty.
  6. please visit www.glasmurmeln.com

    I tried to visit your site today. My McAfee anti-virus program flagged it as high risk.
  7. Nice Big Old Ball

    A hand decorated china marble with "Pennsylvanian Dutch" style decorative patterns. (An American nick-name) The Marble is more than likely of German origin.
  8. Nice Big Old Ball

    I would say Dutch it is! Very Nice indeed!!
  9. I am striving to enjoy life and not sweat the little things!! Marble on!!
  10. This Board

    I have learned so much from this forum over the years. It would be a great shame if it became lost. Perhaps a user donation drive is in order.
  11. Ebay punt

    Nice finds!!
  12. Wet Mint