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  1. Your Favorite "reds."

    These pics would have worked in the cold roll thread but here they will be. A pretty red marble
  2. Brown Can Be Beautiful

    Thanks ,I'm glad you like it. I've only seen two of these, rare birds for sure. Your marble is a real beauty.
  3. Your Favorite "reds."

    Try not to look at that green one.
  4. Brown Can Be Beautiful

    And these are some of my favorite brown marbles
  5. Brown Can Be Beautiful

    The green sets that brown one off, don't ya think?
  6. Brown Can Be Beautiful

    another brown beauty
  7. Peltier: Your Best/rarest Three

    Here's a favorite of mine , red, white, blue, brown, yellow ,green, in green transparent glass multicolor swirl
  8. Brown Can Be Beautiful

    A couple more brownies, great pics!
  9. Brown Can Be Beautiful

    great marbles everyone. A combination of brown marbles
  10. Brown Can Be Beautiful

    Brown is beautiful
  11. New Peltier

    Oh, it looks Peltier, looks kinda like a submerged citrus in red glass. It's red transparent glass mutes all the colors so they probably didn't make many, this could be the only one. LOL! It will remain next to this guy.
  12. New Peltier

    Here's a picture of the other seam.
  13. New Peltier

    Hello again, this may help. Try backlighting your marble. My marble has a red transparent base, like a ruby slipper with yellow and green opaque. It's not bright marble but not brown.
  14. Just for fun, here's a marble I got off ebay. Thought it might be a Pelt. But it's got a tail, hand gathered. What do you think? Size is 25/32"