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  1. The classics

    Could that be Superman's granddaughter from 1998?
  2. The classics

    Superman was 1955 but if you look at his family album, in 1945 he looked like
  3. Kansas City Marble Show Update

    The hotel reports a good flow of reservations but the deadline for the marble club rate and getting a room with the other collects is just days away. Call and make your reservations to get in the room block - DoubleTree by Hilton 913-451-6100 The hotel has been a pleasure to work with!
  4. I took over 90 games to the museum this week end. spend several hours setting up (and playing with a few, like Bomber Ball where a paper airplane dropped marble bombs on cardboard ships in the enemy harbor. Found several versions of Ker Plunk, Flippin Chicken, Tumble Tower, Rocket Launch. This has been great fun.
  5. We have a fun evening of marble board games planned BOARD GAME NIGHT FOR GROWN-UPS: MARBLE MADNESS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2018 | 6-9PM "PLAYING FOR KEEPS" EVENT It’s time to find your marbles! Bring your friends and family 18+ to enjoy a marble-ous evening of games, snacks, and drinks. Visit the museum’s special exhibit, Playing for Keeps, and learn how to knuckle down in a regulation-size marble ring. Play a variety of marble games (Hungry Hungry Hippos, anyone?) and enjoy marbled ice cream, cake, and nostalgic snacks. $5 general admission. Free for museum members and with a UMKC ID. http://www.toyandminiaturemuseum.org/upcoming/
  6. The Kansas City Marble Show is less than three weeks away! Sunday, March 4, 2018 Join the Kansas City Marble Collectors Club us at our new location, DOUBLETREE by Hilton, 10100 College Boulevard, Overland Park, Kansas 66210 Room trading will start as early as Wednesday evening but be in full swing Friday and Saturday night. The marble show runs from 9:00 to 2:30 and features antique, vintage, and contemporary marbles at over fifty vendor tables. Activities include door prizes throughout the day, marble identifications, games and activities for kids and the best marbles to buy, sell or trade in one location. For hotel reservations, call the Doubletree at 913-451-6100 and tell them you are with the marble show. We still have a few tables available for the show. To reserve your table, contact marblecollector1957@yahoo.com. For questions and other stuff contact greatmacscott@aol.com or call 816-916-9038. Happy Marbling and see you in Kansas City! Other Activities around town include: - Marble Crazy at the Moon – Friday and Saturday – Moon Marble Company, 600 Front Street, Bonner Springs, Kansas 68506. For information, email@moonmarble.com or call 913-441-1024 - Playing for Keep: the VFW Marble Tournaments, 1947-1962 – The award-winning exhibit at the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures highlighting the history of the VFW marble tournaments through the personal stories of the boys that played in the national tournaments. Located at 5235 Oak Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64112. For information, call 816-235-800.
  7. Marble Jokes

    all very cute. Thanks all
  8. Marble Jokes

    Anybody know any good marble jokes, knock-knocks, etc?
  9. glass marbles with animal figurines

    I love animals in marbles. Yes I admit to my obsession Please don't call the ASPCA, they will label me a hoarder. I promise none of my animals have been mistreated but they are kept in captivity.
  10. On Barnes and Noble - Its really a book

    Nice comparison Al. I look forward to hearing what you think about the content.
  11. I was the same way. I would try to get things as cheap as I could then try to snipe the snipers. I have given up on doing that. I concentrate on just a few things and when I do bid, it is the amount I am willing to pay at the most. Let the snipers have their shot. it has probably cost me some money because I have been sniped up to a dollar on some items which I believe is the seller jacking the price to get more money.
  12. It is exciting to see a book be born! https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-kings-of-the-rings-scott-rice-mcbride/1127747561?ean=9781641149631
  13. The Toy and Miniature Museum got more TV time for the Marble Tournament Exhibit https://youtu.be/SF7dFffrRn8 https://youtu.be/92ezoffj1eE https://youtu.be/l2ha_WYOTuQ
  14. Indianapolis Show?

    The Kansas City Show is the first weekend in March.
  15. The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures deserve lots of credit for supporting and promoting the exhibit and for creating partnerships to support it with the Missouri Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities. As well as other collectors and groups in the marble community.