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  1. Diane Wise

    Sorry to hear.
  2. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! May all your marble dreams come true!! Lou
  3. Holiday Wishes

    I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whichever other holiday you celebrate. I want to give a shout out to Steph who is the heart of the board. I couldn't ask for a better moderator. I've never met Steph in person but I'm glad I can call her "Friend". Thanks Steph. Lou
  4. Just missing a friend...

    I just found a box from Alan that he sent me with a note thanking me for my help with his web site. He also gave me a Drew Fritts marble for my time. I didn't expect anything and just wanted to help out. That's the kind of person he was. One day I'll take pics of the note and marble. Lou
  5. New Board Update

    Just installed the latest version of the board. Here's to praying nothing goes wrong. As usual, any issues, contact Steph. (LOL) Lou
  6. Ken Schneidereit

    Sad news...
  7. interesting ebay items go here

    Sometimes it just doesn't pay to have only one ebay user account..
  8. Topics being removed

    I see both threads.
  9. Ha Galen, the message isn't hidden....
  10. Board Problems

    Yes, it seems that the whole problem was a caching error with the boards security. Refreshing each page that shows an error should clear it up. Lou
  11. Board Problems

    okay, I think we are back to normal. Lou
  12. Board Problems

    I've been contacted by users in regard to issues with the board. I've contacted support and will see if I can get it corrected. If you are logged in as someone else, log out, you will get an error message, ignore for now and log in. Lou
  13. Thanks for doing this. Lou
  14. This Board

    Thank you to all who have donated, Lou
  15. This Board

    Okay folks, I'll keep it going. It just seems that the board was getting stale. It costs around $65 a month to run the board, mostly for security software for this large a site. I'm not begging for money. Just want to make sure there is still a use for the board. Lou