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  1. Andrew Carnegie

    You do amazing work!
  2. Is This Akro?

    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20913437 Check out that link, that decanter looks some what similar. Jim Beam packaged in those in the 60's- 70's so way way way too late to be Akro.
  3. Is This Akro?

    westmoreland maybe? Akro didn't make any thing that big.
  4. Happy St. Pats!

    Erin go Bragh! :Happy_457:
  5. Several Stimulus Spending Solutions

    That is one of the best Akro sets I have ever seen! Good Luck on the auction!
  6. The Calendar

    Thanks for updating the calendar!!!!!!!!!
  7. The Calendar

    The show dates would be great!
  8. Guineas Boxed Set #3

    Those are beautiful!
  9. I could use a few of the last dances!
  10. West Fork Glass Co.

    That was the Eagle Convex factory
  11. West Fork Glass Co.

    I'm from the neighboring town. I believe they just made window glass. They were located in the Broadway neighborhood in the eastern part of town. Here's a link with a old post card of the factory: http://glassresearch.com/glasssite/2.facto.../west_fork.html