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  1. Akro Superman?

  2. Christensen or alley flames

    Unfortunate flake on the blue one
  3. Christensen or alley flames

    I am leaning towards alley
  4. Akro Superman?

    Additional images
  5. Akro Superman?

    First off hope everyone is well. i am leaning in the akro direction on this one 9/16" but wanted addition eyes on. Ty rb
  6. Morning flea market find...

    Another interesting one 1/2" leaning towards Peltier?
  7. Morning flea market find...

    Another view
  8. Morning flea market find...

    Yes...have never seen Akro moss agates like this...oxblood and yellow .
  9. Morning flea market find...

    Pretty much all near wet mint....
  10. Morning flea market find...

    Nice pre-Dawn pick of some Christensen's and akros
  11. Vitro buttermilks and more

    What would you call the blue one?
  12. Selling Peltier "Superman" Burnt Christmas trees"

    First one listed measures 11/16-3/4" 2nd up from bottom left. Thank you Popculturizm
  13. And others... I will be thinning out the herd, and am considering listing these all are near wet mint , from original owner , who had them as a kind 1934-1936 (the tin they resided in has a 1936 Tarzan strip at the bottom. Beautiful examples . eBay user ID is "Popculturizm " ty rob
  14. Big Blue CAC?

    And another
  15. Big Blue CAC?

    Two more