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    Aside from marble collecting I love to fly-fish, ride motorcycles and 4wheel my jeep.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving all. Hope you all enjoy and stay safe.
  2. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Nice one, great busy pattern.
  3. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Found a couple new fun ones this week. =} Check out the blue, it floats around in the clear similar to how it does in some Velliglas. a little opal going on there too
  4. Color challenge thread

    Orange and Purple? Akro cork a lazy.
  5. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Nice Jerry! I need that! =]
  6. Color challenge thread

    Very nice! Here is a Pelt I have shown before, but I love the deep rich chocolate brown of it and have yet to find another.
  7. Mostly Pix - Contemporary (Handmade)

    Well since this is a section I might not repost something....lol This marble was a gift and is unfinished {I requested it that way} A prototype of the {Raelynbo} group from the works of James Alloway. It is likely my favorite contemporary.
  8. Color challenge thread

    the bubbliest.....hmmm.....I have this with my Koko's and not one pop. lol Sorry, no, it does not float. =}
  9. bought me some flames

    I too am liking the blue one, nice deep color in that.
  10. Mostly Pix - Vitro

    that's a cool one Steph. I like the the Vits that thought they were going to grow up to be an Akro. lol
  11. my newest swirl

    I love it! Very nice Winnie!
  12. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Nice stuff everyone, you guys have been busy.
  13. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Hmm interesting thought on the first one, Ric. What scares you about the second? It is unusual for sure, what are your thoughts on it?
  14. Color challenge thread

    Mint with small as made. lol Green orange and blue would be fun too.