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  1. Jabo Marbles - From Which Run/year ?

    hillbilly magic looks like to me
  2. Jabo Marbles - From Which Run/year ?

    one on the right is Indian Summer
  3. Sammy's Mountain Marbles

    Them are some good looking marbles Edna. Thanks!
  4. Jabo Wvmcc Run

    I might could find one or two...Harrison
  5. Most recent dispatch from Reno, OH; 4/26/2011. I like that there yellow.
  6. Brand new run from Dave McCullough at JABO with GRIFF on sprinkles, innovation, etc.
  7. David, Thanks for the tips. I managed to find copies of both for a good price and am lloking forward to them. Thanks again - anything else come mind? Best Harrison
  8. uh, me too. best, harrison
  9. Anyone out there have any tricks they would use to remove rust on a otherwise ruined mib? many thx, HJ
  10. We'll probably catch a break soon and have some good fortune when JABO finally shuts it's doors for good and there is only one more U.S. co. making marbles on machines. A few more jobs lost to overseas competition, but all the confusion caused by the experimental marbles will die down. Back to no more new marbles. I have a hard time embracing this as progress. I'm no expert on much of anything, but a piece of American history and a unique American art form, like jazz, which has be dead for years or decades depending on your perspective. But, somehow, Mr. McCullough and co. have briefly reanimated it, experimenting with marbles after a lifetime marble making. Seems more like a master in winter than a "con" to me. All this passion (whether hate or love) for new machine made marbles in 2010? That's nothing short of a small miracle.
  11. Seattle Marble Show

    Love these stories. I am new to collecting but this sort of thing is what hooked me. All the "freebies" included by sellers, giving away marbles, and best yet, hiding them in the park for others to find. I have the same compulsion-to give away perfectly nice marbles to people, just trying to make their day. I like to send little evenvelopes to my nephews-makes their day and mine. It's great to share marbles! Which is crazy cause I don't have many and want them all too!
  12. These are beautiful. We are lucky marbles like this were made anytime, let alone during our lives. What's the problem? All I can see rolling out of JABO are pretty, pretty marbles.