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  1. Vintage

    All modern contemporary except for the Brown Bennie, and I'd not swear to that one either.
  2. Tributes To Alan, Art Et Al.

    Does anyone have any of the Running Rabbit Auction catalogs they might want to sell? I can't find any on the net anymore and I'd like to have at least one if I could find it...
  3. Who Made This One?

    Jabo, I believe...Is that aventurine of just dust?
  4. Need Help With This One.

    I dunno, looks a bit similar...9/16ths CAC Striped Transparent
  5. Green Ace

    Mossy mib...
  6. New, Old Marbles

    Nice looking lot! Interesting mib on the upper left there, Rylee likes it too. Looks like oxblood to me, is that an Akro 'Ace' with Oxblood we're seeing there?
  7. Akro?????

    Just a word to the wise, be wary of trading with gremlin*** he/she (they?) are very difficult to deal with. I never named them before but since seeing this thread I feel the need to tell everyone about it. I had a terrible time with them last year concerning the sale of a lot of same run Popeyes, They hawked the auction in the last 5 seconds, then gave me grief about some of the Popeyes not being fully corked; they insisted the mibs were patches. They demanded that I take back part of the sale and give a partial refund, I refused and instead insisted for a return of the entire lot for a full refund. When I filed a 'cancel transaction with Ebay to avoid the selling fees and do a refund, they refused the Ebay form and instead opted to keep the lot. I have since blocked this Ebayer from bidding on any of my sales. Deal with this one at your own risk. For reference:
  8. Easy Links To Auctions For Alan

    Hey Sue, everyone, I've dropped the reserve down to 450.00 for an easier sale! Remember, this is for Alan, not profit. Thanks to everyone!
  9. Marbles Wanted

    here are a few you may want, I sent you a PM... Each of these 3 mibs came from Alan Basinet over the years.
  10. Alan, can you post a direct link to the article? Thanks.
  11. Finally Snagged One

    I don't know who made it but it's definitely not an MFC.
  12. Merry Christmas!!!!

    Happy Holidays to all! Now if I could figure out what to get my wife
  13. Having Problem With Avatar

    I got it, Thanks Lou:)
  14. What's With The Photo Uploader?

    Me 3 I guess it must be catching. Oh well...Perhaps tomorrow.
  15. Great Finds In Madison

    Great looking stuff man! Spread some of that luck around