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  1. First marble ID request! :D

    Yeah, I can't tell between Vitro or Marble King here. And probably I would lean toward Vitro, like Al said. If Vitro, it's from the 1950's. I can tell you that much. They switched to a different style for the 1960's. Hmmm ... Al ... do you think it could possibly be Peltier? I know that's a long shot, but something makes me want to ask. (If Peltier, that would put it maybe as early as the 1930's ... but that really is a long shot.)
  2. First marble ID request! :D

    The first one was made by Master. I think most would call it a Master Sunburst. Made somewhere in the 1930's through 50's. There were two different generations of the Master company. Here's a bit of history: http://joemarbles.com/2Manufacturers History Pages/14Master/Master Marble Co., Master Glass Co..htm For the blue one, another view could help with the ID. I suspect it will turn out to be a Marble King Cat's Eye. Marble King started making cat's eyes in the 1950's and continues to the present day. One of the last American marble companies still operating. Not worth much. I'd say less than a dollar. Condition matters a lot. Cat's eyes are rarely valuable (there are some exceptions). Sunbursts can be worth a few dollars. Might be some which go for more. Condition is vital though. A single hit mark can lower the value by half. Multiple hit marks can erase all value unless it's some especially hard to find specimen. That said, that is a _pretty_ Master. Would fit nicely into this thread http://marbleconnection.com/topic/23060-sunburst-anyone/
  3. Letter to Santa

    Anything from these two pages would be nice. (Have you ever thrown one of these tops? I have practiced it a little -- I have one of my mother's tops, plus more for practice, both old and new.)
  4. Pelt Rainbo?

    Agree Pelts can look rather cosmic inside. Mini little planetarium.
  5. Beautiful Handmades

    Pretty I don't think we could narrow down a maker. I think it was something of a cottage industry in Germany. Some biggish manufacturers, but I think a lot of small ones also. I'll estimate between 1850 and 1930, for starters. Someone else might be able to narrow it down based on colors or styles. I'll also leave names and values to someone else! I enjoy the handmades ... but I don't know them well.
  6. I thought I had a more current photo in this thread. That blonde buzzcut photo is 20 years old. Here's one from this year with my glorious gray hair.
  7. this vitro have a name?

    Marble King Rainbow