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  1. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    I didn't think Jabo because of how the marble was worn. But other than the old-looking wear, I have no objections to the ID.
  2. Vacors

    *sticks out tongue at Richard*
  3. Favorite Pelt Rainbo

    Thanks, Mike. I might not have believed it myself, Winnie, except I found it in a Pelt bag. (A Champion Jr. bag.)
  4. Vacors

    I guess I wouldn't call the flamas uncommon. But they are popular. Foreign banana-like marbles without the special finish aren't as special. American bananas of course remain special.
  5. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    I can't say not Alley. The alternative which came to my mind though was Cairo Novelty.
  6. I've been thinking about this one a lot lately. It's definitely a contender for my favorite one which is actually mine. .
  7. Learn Something New Every Day-Ish

    I hoped you might weigh in on this one. I wondered if that was the case. My NZ friend uses a lot of other UK words so I suspected you might share this word also. Our usage is very specialized. https://www.americanstationery.com https://www.papersource.com/stationery/other-stationery-set/all.html
  8. Boulder ID

    That's gotta be the nicest Sunset I've seen, then. I do have quite a few of them in various sizes ... but they're not very easy to come by. At that size, with that glass combo ... a keeper.
  9. Learn Something New Every Day-Ish

    In New Zealand, if it's coming to the end of their summer and a dad says he's buying stationery for his kids ... that doesn't mean he's sending them away and buying pretty paper and envelopes for them to write home with. Over there, at back to school time, "stationery" is a word for school supplies. I was confused for a moment, but then I remembered that in our part of the world "stationer" used to be the name for an office supply store. About a hundred years ago. The Rosenthals (who gave us Rosenthal boxes of marbles and who Berry Pink worked for before starting out on his own) -- they specialized in rubber items, including erasers -- so one could sometimes read about them in stationer trade publications. https://books.google.com/books?id=TmBYAAAAYAAJ&pg=RA20-PA8#v=onepage&q=rosenthal&f=false
  10. The Ravenswood coral is different. It's like we call it a coral because it's the closest thing to coral in the Ravenswood family. Not because it really fits all that well in with the others.
  11. All red blackie

    Rub it in!!!
  12. Boulder ID

    oh my. Well .... maybe ..... a Vacor Sunset? Akro or Vacor are the only things which come to mind for me at that size. But it's not fitting any definite patterns that I recognize for that size. Edit: to me it seems so uncommon that I'm gonna move it to the main chat area to get more eyes on it. It's beautiful.
  13. Vacors

    The shiny bananas are Flamas! Those are collectors items.