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  1. pelt?

    I'm not getting a sense of a pelt ribbon and seam structure. It's coming through more as a swirl. Maybe Champion. What does the base look like under blacklight?
  2. mib ID

    It's wild and wonderful and definitely a keeper. Alas, I still don't know what to call it.
  3. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    I don't think it needs more than this: Though with the machine-mades I usually expect to see a flatter seam.
  4. Beautiful Marbles for sale

    Hi. Very nice. Good luck to you.
  5. Marble gifs :)

    sorrrreeeee! I like the ride where you spin around inside a barrel and the bottom drops out. Can't do roller coasters or ferris wheels.
  6. purple pelt? +2 previous mibs

    Thanks, Grant.
  7. Marble gifs :)

    I did a search for gerbil marbles .... ... and this came up .....
  8. Davidleatherman's swirls

  9. Davidleatherman's swirls

    So, I guess you want more than "WV Swirls" as the ID, eh? The bottom right one is an Alley Agate. The top one could be Alley or Ravenswood. I think Alley on the left one. The top right one ... well, I'm not sure that's a "swirl". It might be a slag or something else. More pix of that one might help.
  10. Akro corkscrew

    When I go to your gallery and see your image, it's sorta small ... so I look for the "other sizes" option. Then I go to the largest version. Then I right click on that one and "copy image address". Then I paste the address into the post and it automatically turns into a picture.
  11. Akro corkscrew

    Looking kinda hard to see the end in one of the pictures, but I think I can make it out. And it's pretty clear in this view, so I think you're right ... another Akro cork.
  12. Akro corkscrew

    I think that's an easy yes on four of the five. The top left one is the kind of corkscrew which we call a Popeye. You could be right on the middle left, but the first view of it is making me uncertain. A more clear shot at both ends of the ribbon could dispel my doubts.