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  1. Peltier bacon and eggs???

    Dave, "humor" is what makes this hobby so much fun. Chuck G--
  2. I hope I am wrong

    Galen, probably a six ribbon pelt from what i see. I have yet to see an MK swirl in two colors but they very well could be. The blue on yours is transparent and most MK swirls are the opaque colors. Her is a photo, top row, Mk swirls. Chuck G--
  3. What is and who makes

    Agree, "AKRO" kinda in the "Royal" family type Chuck G--
  4. Lost my Pelt Flip Flop!

    Everyone is very correct and it is good to see the west getting in line with the east. These are few terms that the newbies may want to remember and study when it comes to the pelts. Flip-Flop, Bifurcate, Cris-Cross, Cross-Thrus and Family types and so on. Learning generalized categories is just as good as names, it all helps the hobby. Chuck G--
  5. Sitting here reviewing this topic and adding to it with a couple questions, they are. First, is the named marble "Green Fizz" an NLR or Rainbo and how much older? Second, in the "Sunset" family, does these examples carry the ribbons on the surface or inside the marble and or both. More knowledge and understanding is vital to this hobby. Chuck G--
  6. Your Favorite "reds."

    A few "reds" of mine, a few splashes of other colors. Chuck G--
  7. Thread of dumb questions

    I can remember back in the early 70s, things were priced (VERY) reasonable. You could buy a quart of quality old vintage marbles with almost all maker sin it for less than a twenty dollar bill. Man, things have changed now. Chuck G--
  8. Ann, i agree with your last comment. This is for Jerry, the pelt "Green Fizz" was named some years back when Marquee marble sold this specific one on e-bay. He named it and i was not aware of this example. Now where to and what family type to throw it into is someones else call. Her is my definition for this example. I think i posted this another time way back when. "Green Fizz"--a (clear) transparent bubbly base with internal white opaque ribbons, note:some examples may have edging or tracer like colors riding the edges of the white, plus it has internal green transparent (7up like) glass and it (MUST) be sumwhat florescent. Chuck G--
  9. Marble Marbles

    Hi Hansel, a fine subject to kick around and discuss. I will have to look in my group of the really old stuff from J Pator that i purchased from him and see if i can find one. Nice photos everyone. Chuck G--
  10. Peltier Cherry Bomb

    I was always under the presumption that a "Cherry Bomb" has to have a translucent deeper red. I may be wrong on this so correct me please if i am. Having so many names its hard to remember them all, even for me. Chuck G--
  11. Ann, very well said. I do have a few "Green Fizzes" so e-mail me and we can talk about one for you. "Blue Fizz" so far (notta), one i have yet to find and for it to meet my criteria, it may be impossible, (UNLESS) someone can show an example. It has to (HAVE) a blue transparent ribbon in it, but that is for me. Thinking about this, i do have a amber transparent ribboned one that i classify as in the "Fizz" family and also (i think) a purple one. They also have to have some florescent to them. Being placed into the "Sunset" family, let whomever choose what they may. Chuck G--
  12. I know, and in my hearts desire for all, and in its future success in marble collecting we (ALL) want on the same page and for those who know me, that is the legacy us older folks want to leave. You are right all in fun times. Chuck G--
  13. I see nothing wrong with a name per say, you were given a name when you were born, RIGHT!!! You are different than anyone else and you fall into a family group of your own. It would be a blessing to bring the west sumwhat in line with the midwest in all our discussions of marbles. This would really enhance the hobby tremendously for all. FACT, after all the Peltier factory was in Illinois. Let us all come togather in line with each other. We are all here to (BUILD) this hobby i feel. My opinion!! Chuck G--
  14. Those who say this to me, i just grin great big and tell them if they have any, i will take them off their hands. Then i fthey want to carry the conversation farther, i tell them years ago when they shot their marbles in a sling shot, they just shot a $500.00 "Golden Rebel" out across the yard, very expensive ammo. Chuck G--
  15. Steph, this could get into a (huge) discussion. So many collectors have their (opinions) on this family type and it may run into many many directions. "Sunsets" are a generalized family type to describe an overall group set by most collectors to fall into a certain described marble. So, to start, is it still a "Sunset" if the base is a colored transparent base? Do "Sunsets" all have outer vaneered ribbons or internal ribbons or both? Does a "Clear K&M" or "Clear Clown" still be classified as "Sunset"? For me and this is my (opinion), so do not hold it against me, that if the pelt has a defined name but just say that this is a "Clear K&M" that is in the "Sunset" family type. I (think) when Peltier produced the (named) box sets called "Sunsets" they may have had absolutely anything in the boxes, trying to keep the theme of the "Sunset" name. It is just a plain generalized category name. My thoughts and opinions. Chuck G--