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  1. An apology

    Not sure how you found out about my three children, oddities indeed! 1953, the diversity in everything is what makes things interesting for me. We live, we learn.....so wiggle your oddities into the mold because we don't like it! Repeat after me....great marble, sweet, we are blessed to have you post, fantastic, popcorn, no can of worms, sanitize and thanks! mon P.S. i didn't agree with your OP but I'm sure you don't agree with all of mine!
  2. An apology

    I say, off with your head! monbundydahmer
  3. Akro Agate

    Alan, if I didn't think you knew better, I would think CAC for the one on the left at first glance. mon
  4. Clear Based Oxblood Swirl

    It was named a cosmic orgasm and I will always call it that..out of respect. mon
  5. Coyote Ugly?

    Thanks, I could have buried it easily and I guess it would feed a whole different group of "living things" but thought better that this was the way to go. The last two years were very tough having deep snow and single digit temps. I always drag 2 50# bags of shelled corn a very long way and across the ice to feed the deer during these times. I feed the birds also but hate when the fly head-long into our window panes.......some one shot ld come up with a way to prevent that...mon I set up one camera this week to capture 30 second videos with sound...going to retrieve and view tomorrow....over 3 thousand pics should be enough..lol
  6. What Is It??

    For transparency, this is what I was told and it seemed plausible and did not ask many questions. These facts are not as strong as the cousin of the back-a-moe operator that dug up the exotics..etc..but it is what it is.. A kind of ceramic tile angled from the outside of the tank to the discharge steam with the funnel at the end. Different colored glass was introduced and a plunger was inserted on top to apply pressure and keep the regulated stream steady. This was how the different colors were introduced to the stream. I had a couple in new philly after doing some digging at Cairo. Don't even remember who it was.....Never researched this & could be the reason my right leg is 8 inches longer than the left. mon
  7. What Is It??

    Yeah, I'm just making it up as I go....sorry! Mon That's why it's called a regulator!
  8. What Is It??

    Yes, they are part of the machine and plunge the molten glass through a funnel that is tapered (female) to fit the end of the tapered plunger (male)
  9. Coyote Ugly?

    They did it here in northern Ohio....I believe it was at Plumbrook first then released into open land. I use to hunt and spent countless hours in the woods and never spotted a coyote until I was in my 40's
  10. Vitro Agate Anacortes Catseyes

    Wow...I like them all but the 1st pic of white are real sweet! never knew.....
  11. What Is It??

    To push glass into say, a spinner cup or a stream. Pretty cool and I have a few but not twisted like your's on the end.
  12. What Is It??

    I would guess it's a plunger.
  13. Coyote Ugly?

    It's ok Steph and thank you...when you challenge some, this is were you find yourself and trust me, I know they get it & don't like it. I'll just talk to you..until...lol I agree 100% with Galen, they are terrible in my neck of the woods! Wasn't happy with them being reintroduced and never imagined they would multiply this fast. 18 years ago I had rabbits everywhere and I have seen two in the last 12 years or so. They are very keen and hard to trap! I have two shih tzu that I worry about when out of sight. I like the talons on the right.......that's a big fox and in full prime! Fox love high ground and this one stands on the carcass in many pics.
  14. Which Company Made This?

    I recently flipped a little dirt at both places and have yet to find one.....for what that's worth!
  15. Moss Agate Type Marbles

    I like these and felt like sharing.........Thank you in advance, Steph..lol