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  1. Unnamed pelts

    How about calling this Limon
  2. What do you think?

    I thought Foreign right away
  3. Smile for everyone :)

    Happy Tuesday everyone Here is a smile for you all. Autumn Schleser mounted the pewter owl to a marble as a stand. She also added marbles to the ceramic owl. If you only see one marble look closer. She used micro Hooper marbles in the middle of the flowers. Autumn also painted parts of the Owl with UV reactive paint so it glows under black light also
  4. Unnamed pelts

    I think these are mine One of them is owned by Jamie Kumar now
  5. New Peltier

    I can't wrap my head around Pelt on this one. Has to be master by the Seams, Pattern, Ribbons, and Earth Tone Colors IMHO. Terry35 what does Cindy Think? Ron
  6. Double ingots ... or more?

    Here is one from Gino Biffany's Collection I call it the Triple Nitty Tipple Can you guess why?
  7. Looking for Marble holder

    Small Rubber O Rings work great for individual marbles displayed in a cabinet
  8. Peltier Glass Toy Marbles Update

    Fantastic Book This is a must have for ANY marble collector Thank You for your hard work Ron
  9. Block's Box Auctions - VCR Tapes

    Jason Thanks so much for Archiving this important marble history
  10. Ravenswood Genuine Old Fashion Bag

    Nice buy Steph you got that one cheap. I missed it or it would have cost you more. Al has great bags
  11. Are you an Alley Pistachio purist?

    Here is my best Pistachio This is what I would call the Perfect Color Green for one
  12. I have some Great Place holders for Newbies Ebay user name: rockinron110 http://www.ebay.com/usr/rockinron110?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Thanks for looking Good Luck Steph if this is not allowed please remove Thanks Ron
  13. Nice Big Old Ball

    Pretty Very nice Carpetball??? Marble
  14. Thanks for the contest 269
  15. Potpourri -- Post Something Fun

    Nothing more fun: Marbles and a Rubber Chicken