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  1. Is This Some Kind Of Joke?

    I think the guy's a "hot dog", but that's just my opinion! More of a smart aleck than anything, but good photos!
  2. Handmade Polymer Clay Marbles

    Very pretty! You do a nice job!!!
  3. Handmade Polymer Clay Marbles

    How do you get them so shiny, or is polymer shiny?
  4. Marble Id Help Please

    ...what she said.
  5. Obviously I thought that he looked like a banana, too! hahahaha Sorry Clyde, I couldn't resist!
  6. Marble I.d. Again Please

    Doesn't seem to have any or I would have tried for pictures of them. "tried" being the key word Sorry.
  7. Unexciting Marbles

    I've heard that before - what clyde said. I have some of those, too.
  8. Marble I.d. Again Please

    Does that winky face mean that you are kidding me, Robert?
  9. Marble I.d. Again Please

    No, no Windows. Wish we did. Ended up on Facebook instead. Let me know what you think of it there, OK? Thank you so much!!!
  10. Marble I.d. Again Please

    One photo only. Then it's "too big to upload".
  11. Only 3 hours to go...better nab that one somebody!
  12. Need A Little More Help Please

    Thank you Steph!
  13. Wondering if these are Vitro or something nice, or just some pretty yellow marbles. Thanks. Oops, I might have posted in the wrong area. Sorry. Not going to redo this time.
  14. Just wondering what this Marble King would be called. Oops, I might have posted in the wrong place. SORRY Not going to redo this time.
  15. What's This?

    Akro Penguin? Just kidding Very pretty, by the way!