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  1. Oxbloods... show me some please

    Double Ingot oxblood awesomeness
  2. Vacors

    Some black Bogard cats can look similar to bananas too
  3. Black? No... purple!!

    Some people call this cold roll pattern ying/yang or rams horns. You can see why. It is more obvious in a multi colored marble
  4. Blue White (and Green) - at a loss

    Yes JABO
  5. Post Some 9's

    some mixed in...
  6. I guess the best marbles for immediately buying and flipping would be just made runs of D.A.S. Marbles. Buy a 20 pound case for$300-350 and sell off the best of the case individually immediately. There is some real potential there if you have the motivation
  7. Ebay auctions make my head hurt

    He isn’t truly in that bad of a situation since he didn’t need your money you had already given him.
  8. 1,2,and 4 look like JABOs to me. Clueless seller is just as likely as dishonest.
  9. Help identifying Jabo collection

    Ok, I can count the photos left to right and then down. #4 is a mix of a nice run of marbles from 1996. We call them 5/8" #8 is also from the mid 90s, I believe 1996. These are the large ones. We call them 1", even though mostly 7/8" #24 are some other nice 5/8" ones from the early/mid nineties
  10. Help identifying Jabo collection

    You have some as early as 1993 which is great. If each photo were labelled/numbered it would be easier for me to reply with dates. The seafoam ones are from 93. I believe the red/white ones are also from 93. You can see how saying red/white might get confusing as there are other red/white ones too. The JABOs are all Classics. They originally sold for about $20 per 25 pound box, whatever size. I think you can sell them for $100-$250 per 25 pound box now in today's market. You can break them up into smaller lots, but it starts to be very time consuming to sell.
  11. Help identifying Jabo collection

    I some how missed your one post above with the sizes and dates. May I ask which ones are named Pink Ladies and which are the rare red and yellow ones (how do you know they are rare?) I am guessing some boxes are dated/labelled and others are not. Is this correct? Yes I looked at the photos and was hoping we could see more, posted here, and in focus. It is also helpful to write the size of the marbles in the photos because I can't always tell what size are in the case from a photo.
  12. Help identifying Jabo collection

    You have JABO Classics. 30 25# boxes is a nice amount. You probably have 5/8" boxes, 3/4" boxes, and 7/8"-1" range cases, but it is possible you have 1/2" peewee cases too. If you take an in focus photo of each box I could probably date each one for you if interested. If you were to sell them by the case, you might expect to get $50-$250 per each box. You could spend the rest of your life selling them 1 by 1 and get a lot more money (and spend A LOT more time doing it). Would love to see clear photos of each box and I would most likely be interested in several.
  13. mib ID

    Me too
  14. JABOs! that is all.

    They came from the same jar, right?
  15. Color challenge thread

    next: green and orange