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  1. mib ID

    Me too
  2. JABOs! that is all.

    They came from the same jar, right?
  3. Color challenge thread

    next: green and orange
  4. Do you think these are "vintage"?

    most of them. I actually think I see 8 JABOs in the last photo. The yellow one is the best of the JABOs in that photo in my opinion.
  5. Do you think these are "vintage"?

    That marble doesn't look like a JABO in the one view, but there are 6 or 7 JABOs in your last group.
  6. Color challenge thread

    next: green in a clear base
  7. Champion? Strange color

    I think exactly like both of you. I have a bunch of Champs just like it, but it could be an Alley.
  8. JABOs! that is all.

    There were some really phenomenal marbles made in 2007, many of which are still mostly unknown. Some are difficult to recognize as JABOs. The best of the Moonlight Specials are top notch marbles.
  9. JABOs! that is all.

    I believe you have some 2007s
  10. Color challenge thread

    Those do both. Pink and brown/brown and green. Next:red and green
  11. My first few I need help with

    The top left JABO sneaks in just before 2000. If the bumblebee looking one is a JABO it would be from 2003. I can't positively attribute the third marble to JABO, but it probably is. my JABO 2 cents
  12. Jabo, which runs?

    The yellow one might be a tribute to Friendship. What's included on the list of runs these 2 came from? Narrowing the field down would greatly help as there have been a lot of runs
  13. Aventurine and pink. Maker?

    Definitely JABO. There are little bits of incidental aventurine in a few Classics with green in them
  14. Color challenge thread

    next white and yellow? Don't eat that yellow snow
  15. Color challenge thread

    Next: translucent pink