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  1. 9's, Tails and Drizzle

    Interesting example there! Reminds me of the overlapping glass found on the Alley Tater Bugs. I wonder what might have caused this type of effect during production.
  2. Let's get flamy

    Nice flameage!!!
  3. Board support auction (ongoing)

    Its working now. Thank you.
  4. Board support auction (ongoing)

    I attempted messaging you but i get an error. When i hit send it says "Steph cannot receive messages".
  5. Clear base white flames?

    I'm a pelt guy so you have to take my swirl ID's with a grain of salt. The more i look at it the more it looks Euro.
  6. Clear base white flames?

    1 vote for Alley.
  7. Board support auction (ongoing)

    $1 on bud's...... just to get it started.
  8. Peltier Glass Toy Marbles Update

    Hurry up already
  9. please visit www.glasmurmeln.com

    Thank you for posting this.
  10. Good Morning

    Welcome to the forum Lonnie.
  11. My first Marble picture

    Not too shabby for your first photos. They call those "Peppermints", on ebay you can see similar condition marbles selling for about $5 .
  12. Christensens?

    How about a couple more angles on that one? Looks like it could go either way with just the one view.
  13. Live from Canton

    Can you post a few more angles when you get the chance?