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  1. I want to see....older Vacor

    Just ran across these on ebay, talk about coincidence. Very interesting. Here is the link and I put the pictures here to be view-able after the listing is gone. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Early-Vacor-Marbles-100-Ct-No-0-Agata-Box-Marble/222796623239?hash=item33dfb6ad87:g:EykAAOSwBp9aXAcR
  2. I want to see....older Vacor

    They made marbles in the 1930s, it would be nice to see some of those if any are known. I've got a lot of '80s vacors and imperials from when I was a kid. I would have expected some of those up there to be imperials (the beachball ones in the mesh and the ones with master looking seams). Vacor made them like those too?
  3. Mostly Pix - Champion Agates

    Thanks. I'm pretty sure it's Champ but I get doubtful once in a while. It's just so different. Here's another pretty furnace. Too bad it has the fractures but I think these are hard to find without some fractures:
  4. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Nice sistersvilles there Paul! There are a few in this group too...
  5. Mostly Pix - Champion Agates

    I've been told this is a type of furnace by most I've shown it to. I agree the colors are very much like the champion furnaces, and I can't imagine what else it might be, so Champ it must be I suppose. It's one of my most beautiful marbles, if not the most. I've seen one CAC with colors very much like this on black base glass, so there's a chance this doesn't belong here I suppose.
  6. Mostly Pix - Heaton

    Yeah, especially the Cairos and Heatons. And Cairos have a C shape pretty often and so do Heatons... so our job can be pretty impossible sometimes.
  7. Mostly Pix - Heaton

    So I was digging through some Heatons to find an example that I'm sure I have but who knows where, and pulled some out to take a photo of a prominent feature I call the Heaton Ear. Sharing the photo here... most of these are dug from the factory site with a few exceptions that I added. Other makers can have the same pattern and not all Heatons have this pattern but it's another tool in the bag. If you see this pattern and the glass is right, good chance it's a Heaton. Side note: I fixed the broken photobucket links of mine in previous posts that messed up this thread.
  8. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Wow, very nice! I saw this one... it came close to coming to my house, lol!!
  9. Mostly Pix - Master-Made

    Here are some of Masters regulars in groups. I like group pics because they help to see general traits rather than specific traits.
  10. Mostly Pix - Master-Made

    Thanks, it's one of my favorites for sure, if not most favorite. edited with retakes, original pictures weren't focused prperly
  11. Mostly Pix - Kokomo

    I wish I knew exactly which pictures I had where before photobucket broke this thread. I'll post some of my kokomos again, along with some new ones.
  12. A Little How To Photo Help

    Excellent Paul, I should have been reading the threads over here and I wouldn't have had to ask you advice a while back! You solved my lighting issues and the locking up problems I was having with the camera was due to the SD card. I switched out to a regular card without WiFi and now it doesn't lock up anymore. I need to use my tripod now and I'll be shooting as well as I need.
  13. Mostly Pix - Master-Made

    They sorta had their regular run colors with the brushed patches (blue, green, amber, light blue, clear) and some of the comets came in regular color combos, but I agree, the higher percentage of Masters found seem to be a fairly random mix of colors instead of anything predictable. I wonder if they just threw whatever color they had convenient in the tanks and let 'er rip? You do see an awful lot of sea green and brown together on them. Anyway, here are some I recently got around to photographing. One with AV in a strip, and one with rare Master oxblood. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WL8yrCtLoucj3l323 Dang, I can't make them show up here for some reason... lemme see if I can fix it.
  14. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Great one! Merry Christmas!