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  1. I think the gist of it is he thinks the fold may be partially due to the design of the machines but that the extent to which it occurs is dependent on the viscosity of the glass. Implying that the fold is not necessarily intentional. This is the first I have heard of there being a disagreement on this, nor have I ever thought much of it. I would think for a marble to have a fold instead of having two "pontils" that it wouldn't just drop straight down in the middle of the rollers but rather land off center so it hits one roller and slides to the middle causing it to fold. I have seen some machines, mostly in new jabo videos, the molten glass dripping from the bottom of the pot is cut by a sliding plate. If you positioned the hole centered on the rollers the globs would land off center from being pushed sideways by the shear as it cut them. Maybe someone realized this at other companies and so offset the rollers. The viscosity would still affect the degree to which this occurred as thinner glass would cut easier and not be pushed sideways as much in the process and thus land more torwards center and presumably folding less.
  2. Carved wood run

  3. What Are You Listening To Now?

    Steph, that is an awesome video and a great song to boot!!
  4. What Are You Listening To Now?

  5. Random Non-Marble Eye Candy ( :

    That's a really awesome pic, hopefully it hasn't been altered. The wifey and I want to move to canadia someday.
  6. In other totally unrelated news sales of kraft dinner have skyrocketed....lolz
  7. Marble sand table

    @Hoody You're welcome. @budwas Thanks for the recipes, but my main ingredient will be lack of funds. I also like to keep it authentic for lack of a better term that doesn’t make me sound like a snob. I think I might make a couple more tables, one with sifted dirt, and another with sand from that old ball field. The sand table there is actually the old door to our basement+ a pressure treated 2x4 I had extra from a project.
  8. Marble sand table

    Okay, several things, wet wood takes a long time to decay although yes, it would eventually rot. But I used pressure treated wood for the sides so that's fine and I would most likely make a metal pan to sit in the bottom so the water couldn't leach out. If I make a concrete surface for playing marbles it would be a table, it would be round without holes. If I wanted holes or something I would make a plywood table, depending on the type it could have virtually the same surface texture as the concrete. I could even spread a thin layer of cement making it have an actual concrete surface. I wanted a concrete circle for authenticity, to be the same as in england. If I ever get around to pouring a concrete floor I will most likely paint a circle as in new jersey for the ringer tournaments. The wood thing he has is a marble shooter, I made it. It was hastily done and one of these days I will make some nicer wooden ones. I have been thinking of a way I could make some with copper pipe.
  9. Marble sand table

    The last pic is us playing at the ball field which I guess our town has decided is superfluous and has let grass grow in the clay/sand. We do have 3 others for a town of only 3000. I kept those marbles in my glove box although I just replaced them with less valuable marbles. My son was surprised when I pulled them out. We were at open house at the school, we finished and were leaving when he asked if we could go home and play marbles while we had time without his brothers, I asked "why do we have to go home to play?"
  10. Marble sand table

    The third and fourth pictures show a game I made up. It's called "One, not two, but three". The idea is to shoot a mib into each of the three holes, taking turns, the first to do so is the winner. If you cause two marbles from the same player to be in a hole together you lose, whether you knock in yours or your opponents. If you knock in an opponents and they don't already have one in there it counts for them so you are helping them. Because of the differentiation between each players marbles you need two differently colored sets of marbles or in our case I used jabo classics and my son used dollar store marbles.
  11. Marble sand table

    Sorry it took so long, played on it quite a bit since we made it. You had said it must make nice trails, at first you were wrong. There we barely any trails but as the days progressed and the sand and air dried out with it getting colder here the sand became fluffier and less able to be packed so it is very slow and the trails are quite pronounced. I am actually considering either wetting it down before play or getting a different media. Pouring concrete as I mentioned was for the basement as a whole, it is a dirt floor and really needs a slab. However my first dreams of a great marble ring was painted concrete like in new jersey or a concrete ring like at tinsley green. I may still make another platform with a concrete ring. Yeah, I guess I am pretty hardcore relative to you guys. Ya bunch of phoneys, I bet you haven't knuckled down in decades!!! lolz, just kidding.