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  1. random mib ID

    I would agree with vitro conqueror. I think a picture of the marble with the flash used on the camera (will show the actual color of the mib) would confirm
  2. purple pelt? +2 previous mibs

    Purple one is either master or modern. Middle is a slag, maybe mfc. Last is probably vitro, maybe master. Your pictures are really out of focus so it is tough to be sure. The best way to take marble pictures is with a solid (light)color background so the camera wont focus on the background. I always use the flash for my pics as well
  3. Alley or cac or something else

    My immediate thought was a messed up pelt or vitro
  4. Large Marble help id?

    Could be master
  5. William those pictures (pontil3.jpg especially) show a hit mark, not a Pontil
  6. looks a lot closer to a vacor old fashioned than a lightning strike. Also at 5/8" highly unlikely to be one. I thought they were all >1", also that is a hit mark, not a pontil
  7. I would think it is pelt too
  8. Modern cats eye marbles
  9. I would say modern, damage not pontils
  10. Marbles (4) Id help

    I would go Ravenswood for the top left one
  11. old or new?

  12. I don't really see pelt either. Some couldbe vitro, others akro
  13. Master cloudys (?)

    I get a vitro vibe on a few, Akro too but the others I could see master, definitely the two on the right
  14. what is strand in swirl?

    Ravenswood is a good guess