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  1. Dark amber mib ID

    From what I see I would lean foreign
  2. Vitro name

    Type 3? Tiger eyes
  3. Vitro Blackies?

  4. ID on Marble

    looks like a slag, could be mfc. What size is it?
  5. Akro Patch?

    Tough to tell from just one angle. Shooter size can be a big range, and with some manufacturers size will matter
  6. Cats eye with a bonus

    Might be vitro
  7. A group for id

    I'd think #1 Is a messed up black line all red, if it has an opaque base(which it looks like it does)
  8. A group for id

    1. Vitro 2. Foreign (maybe imperial) 3. Akro 4. Akro 5. Vitro 6. Vitro (slight possibility of master) 7. Akro 8. Akro 9. Vitro
  9. Mib By number.. The ones that get me

    I would say Akro for 4, 15, 20 and 21
  10. Hand Gathered

    Looks like a transitional to me
  11. Vitro... Conqueror?

    I have a bag of dug black line all reds that are very similar to your marble. Most have the black fading to some degree, like yours
  12. Vitro - name?

    All of those have damage? They look like they could be dug. Don't really look like tiger eyes to me, I would guess modern vitros.
  13. Is it a Pelt slag?

    I would go Akro. Pelt slags normally have more zigs and zags in the white ribbon, and won't normally have a single "u" shape like this one
  14. The Akro who sparkled in Euro?

    If the base was opaque, there would be no doubt on Akro.
  15. Veiligglas Original Packaging

    West Germany would indicate 1950's or later