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  1. Word Of The Day ... Or Week Or Whatever

    You mean that Kellogg's stuff? Here in Germany they sell as "Rice Crispies" but I never had any thought of the characters' names. Long long ago. But I can not remember 'Snap Crackle and Pop' got something like a household phrase. To be honest, I just consum the contents and scrap the package without much notice. There was also some kind around they called "Choco Pops". But if you are in Germany and ask for diapers (= Windeln) there might be people around that ask back what a diaper is. Just tell them "Pampers" and everything is fine. That is something I think got a household phrase - long ago. Or "Maggi" (http://www.arlongpark.net/showthread.php?t=35213&page=67&p=2841403&viewfull=1#post2841403 ) Nobody calls it 'liquid seasoning' here, way too long. Every child knows "Maggi" and that's it - even if you take the competitor stuff. Hope I got your question right. Otherwise I need to tell "42" Oh, just this: Maybe you know Nick Kamen "I promise myself"? Some germans always sing "Pommes mit Senf" [= "french fries with mustard"] because of this phonetic similarity !
  2. Okay, if you think on the "several marbles on parallel" tracks I think most of those are homebrew. Either completely or at least a set with some self-made parts in addition. What does a search engine reveal when looking for "marble race track"? Sorting otu the results I might have got a hint for you to a name. But I relally do not know if it still is sold somewhere: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=marble+race+track&t=ffab&iax=1&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Fimg0129.popscreencdn.com%2F182067330_discovery-toys-super-marbleworks-raceway-construction-.jpg At least I found one of this sets at amazon but in fact it looks just like twice a 'standard' set in one package.
  3. Maybe something from here? https://www.toysrus.com/search?q=marble run Sorry for the link to the shop but it is the only one I am sure to serve the US area. Maybe you know a lot more retailers on your side of the atlantic ocean. There are also kits around made by fischertechnik and it might be that you find Hubbelino (works also together with Lego parts). We here in Europe further have Cuboro and HABA as brands selling also marble runs but those might be very pricey.
  4. How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

    Prayers and best wishes to all of you from Germany. Todays radio announcement estimates a full hit of Irma to the city of Miami tomorrow. First Harvey flooding Texas and Louisianna and now this Irma monster.
  5. Random Conversation Thread

    Is it necessary to extract them? Mother nature usually manges things herself and maybe it will work when you just take the whole dry blossoms as seed capsules next year? (No, I really have no clue).
  6. Humor Ar Ar

    seems I am not able to 'tell' a joke ...
  7. Wow, there are really precious ones among them. A couple of those on a run ... off for tinkering ...
  8. Humor Ar Ar

    Two old friends are sitting there, drinking a beer. One tells: "I have a severe problem with slugs in the garden. They eat away all my vegetables." The other says: "You already tried out a beer trap?" - "Are you nuts? Shall I now give them my beer also?" - "No, no. Okay. How about collecting the slugs and put them elsewhere?" (We love even slugs and do not want to kill them ...) - "Okay, good idea. I'll try it tomorrow." The two make an appointment for the next evening and went home. The next evening they meet again. The slug chaser was really and obviously exhausted. - "Wow. You look as if you picked tons of slugs. How many did you get?" - "Not just even one in the whole day! Every time I got aware of one I immediately stooped but the beast flitted away before I could grasp it."
  9. Random Conversation Thread

    Its your joy on those small and simple things like 3 riping tomatos ... enjoy it every day again. It resembles me to my first experience with gardening some years ago: You plant it, you care for it and then you harvest it and you enjoy every stage of what you do. As time goes by gardening gets more usual to you and the intensity of this special joy might drop. But at least your food gets more healthy. Oh, and you learn to share it with such poor creatures that have no house not even have a home: slugs
  10. Random Non-Marble Eye Candy ( :

    Steph, your accidental backyard art (okay, I remember the photograph even if photobucket is blocking it actually): Just put some hoses or gutter like half pipes to the framework and you could get an 'accidental backyard marble run'. Bumblebee, you have a nice piece of nature you are living nearby. Really.
  11. Random Conversation Thread

    Is it the first time you have a garden to cultivate?
  12. Hi, I learned here in this forum on photobucket when looking for a place to 'park' my pics on the web. Things worked for a couple of weeks and then refused. So I cursed on it, scraped my account there and started using imgur.com. Handling pics and navigating mine is not super-intuitive there but it works.
  13. So now I know what a fidget spinner is. A nice idea converting a marble track into a pinball like playground.
  14. Lolcats ... And Other Critters

    Modern times - deers now also take a cab.