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  1. $868 ??

    Could be worse, you could have paid $542 for another fake Art Jones box. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-AKRO-AGATE-FANTASY-GIFT-BOX-TRANSLUCENT-PATCH-BRICK-MARBLES-5-8-034-/173068698786?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=LiYdrk1vB9EN5wW5l9fjR3KywuA%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc There's a fake red Popeye box of his on right now also. No matter how many times you try and warn people, they never listen.
  2. Just missing a friend...

    I still host his original website. I recreated it from various web resources years ago. His family gave me permission to keep it going. I just left it as it was. Alans Marble Connection
  3. Oops, guess I should login every once in awhile. Lol...
  4. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    John I saw the FB post and video of the event. Looks like everyone had a great time. The mibs were gone by the time I hit eBay. Really cool stuff. Will try again if I see the post sooner this time. PS. All this time I thought 'rare' was just the way I cooked my steaks. Learn something new everyday on these here marble forums.
  5. Akro Agate Fire Opal Box

    The blue shows more than the green. Here is a copy of my ad showing different colors.
  6. Akro Agate Fire Opal Box

    Buckeye and Zaboo: I don't think any are hand gathered. The green ones actually have a partial cork to them. The others have a spot larger than a fisheye more like a smile. Like the flinties in the boxes above have the smiles. As far as colors of flinites go, in the crate I had they varied from very light to very dark red. Your two boxes are the ends of the spectrum.I don't know if Akro put the runs of flinties that didn't match the color they were looking for in these 10,000 count crates. But it's possible. I'm not sure about the definition of the Fire Opals being red, though a glow in them may have been part of it. If you notice the box is 'Assorted' Fire Opals leading me to believe they came in a variety of colors like what's in the box. To have both Flinties and Fire Opals that looked the same wouldn't make sense. I have talked to many old timers that swear their most valuable marbles were clearies and solid colors like these. They were prized by players. Collectors don't feel the same way. If they did we would all be millionaires. Thanks for the pics of the boxes. I forgot how nice those were. I did keep one of the flintie boxes for myself too. I think they are really dark red ones. Thanks for all the great input.
  7. Akro Agate Fire Opal Box

    No, those colors are new to me. Especially like the blue, but the light yellow ones are unique.
  8. Akro Agate Fire Opal Box

    Thanks guys. I hadn't seen this one before either. Sometimes I wonder how many of some of these they really made. Using an Imperial box with a silver label was a lot more work.
  9. Some new marble mail this week from an estate. It's amazing these are still showing up once in awhile. The marbles are just how it came to me, no changes. I believe all of the solid color marbles are part of the opals. No. 2 size. Original dividers.
  10. This 0 seller has already sold this fake Akro lot with a Buy it Now. Now he has listed it again. Can anyone recognize this picture? It is obviously taken from a book or cropped from an image. I can't believe so many people fall for this. From England? Come on... eBay Auction
  11. 1925 Marble Player Statue

    Here are the 1929 winners and names.
  12. gift box

    I have owned 4 or more of these style boxes. They really did make them. However, this looks like the paper has been printed. The paper lid on these should feel rough with almost a texture on it. This looks smooth and has a shine that comes from a color copier. The bag is also a reproduction. The inserts don't match the outer box color which normally they do. About half or more of the boxes you sell are reproductions. The marbles are nice and real. Just MHO. Here are few examples.
  13. It would be a very difficult collection to try and duplicate especially since these were limited run boxes. I'm probably going to put it on eBay as an entire collection. If I do I will let everyone know.