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  1. What have I got?

    Thanks. I was thinking along those lines as well, except no clue on the green. Transparents intrigue me.
  2. What have I got?

    He gave them to his sister, not mine! I gave my sister a bunch from a flea market find to give to her kids! Marbles are fun!
  3. What have I got?

    Hello marble friends! Sorry for the poor pictures. These marbles are from my grandfather's collection that my husband gave to my sister right after we got them. It's still quite a blur, but I remember them being shooters. Well any way, they are coming home! : ) so I'll have better pictures sometime soon. I have some ideas but it's hard to tell from photos. (I know,right?? Haha) sis says they are 3/4 but I think closer to an inch. I can't wait to hold them. Thanks!
  4. What have I got?

  5. What have I got?

    You can sorta see it in the first picture too... on the lower left.
  6. What have I got?

    Hmm...it was with the orange aides at first, and was there for a while, but it didn't quite fit...it also seems to have a cut line, that you can sorta see in the last picture between the orange and behind the seamy looking swirl. Ill try and find a better picture of what I see....
  7. What have I got?

    Happy marble day everyone! This Orange one is from my old collection. It sits with My swirls, but could it be a slag? It just seems different.
  8. What have I got?

    Thanks everyone for the interesting info. That wide whitish ribbon definitely set it apart. It is quite pretty.
  9. What have I got?

    I'm thinking masters sunburnt on these two. One just has too many bright colors and the other so drab, until I photographed it, looks pretty on camera
  10. What have I got?

    I know, I know WV swirl....but this seems to have a lot going on in there. Some one must have an idea. : )
  11. What have I got?

    It was a different table/dealer/collector at the show that had the other one. Which could be anything, it just really looked like mine. Mr. Alley said mine was Alley, and my mom and I really liked him--he was very informative and willing to talk to us goofballs. We also won the door prize at the show: 20 assorted, SWEET, Akro Agate corks!
  12. What have I got?

    Yes. : ) I didn't take a picture of the other one. It just looked like his brother,enough for me to stop and say hey. And not much more was said after we compared them. But thanks for the confidence in the Alley Id. : )
  13. What have I got?

    Thanks. That's where I had it. I so want to find a ravenswood and learn more markers, but sometimes it seems so hopeless..lol.