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  1. Sharing Pictures Of Pelt Rainbos

    Tequila sunrise anyone?
  2. Post Your Aventurine ....

    Wasp with silver av
  3. Brown Can Be Beautiful

    I hadn't looked through this thread lately… Man there some beauties on here!
  4. Color challenge thread

    Pretty close... green and purple..
  5. Mostly Pix - Peltier

    Hope you guys are doing well
  6. Mostly Pix - Peltier

    I haven't thrown a few up here for a while..
  7. Post Your Aventurine ....

  8. Unnamed pelts

    I have a name for these that I use, but I don't think these MCS have an official title
  9. With my buddy Kelly Schmidt's help, we did last week should get them in the mail soon!
  10. Sharing Pictures Of Pelt Rainbos

    Love those little suckers
  11. Post Your Peewees

    17/32" champion furnace
  12. Post Your Aventurine ....

    Hard to just buy one when there are so many dang shades!
  13. Does This Have A Name

    Is this what you were referring to?