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  1. Another Newbie

    Hi Fellow Marble Collectors, I just joined because Paul H. in the Marble-Heads group on FB said that this is a great marble forum, and needs to become more active again, to avoid being shut down. I've been collecting marbles since I was a kid, in the 1970s. My brother and I had been given a nice collection of marbles that our grandmother had had in her house. She used to keep them in a big crystal flower vase, and we used to snitch a few every time we went to visit her. So she finally just gave them all to us. BUT, my brother ended up with our entire marble collection at some point after we had both grown up and moved out of our parents' home, and then he lost them after a series of moves! I was very sad about that. I had kids, at that point, and wanted to share all my old marbles with them. So I started collecting marbles again. For the kids .... but really for myself. ;-) At the time (this was back in the mid-90s) Mega Marbles (made by Vacor de Mexico) were being sold in the local toy stores, so we started collecting those. We also ended up with several of those boxed sets of Imperial marbles that they used to sell in the drugstores. Eventually, as the internet became a great place to shop, I started looking for marbles online, and then discovered the whole universe of marble collecting and marble history! So now, my kids are all grown up and moved out. But I collect all kinds of vintage marbles (Marble King, Vitro, Jabo, Peltier, a few Alleys and Akros when I can get them), as well as a few handmade ones (can't afford anything expensive), recent Jabos and DAS and Sammy's Mountain Marbles, quite a few of the cheap but pretty handmade-in-China ones, a few antique Germans, ..... I still collect Vacor marbles ..... and then there's my nice collection of mineral marbles! I've run out of room to display them! I need to put up some more display cases on the walls, when I can. So, now that I've done my bit to preserve a marble group, I guess I'll go browse through some posts and pictures here. I always love looking at good marble pictures.
  2. Chad sent me-- is that the secret word?

    I just joined too, because someone named Paul, in one of the marble collectors Facebook groups, said that this was a great forum, and in danger of being shut down if it didn't become more active again. I'm willing to join any group to keep any marble forum alive! ;-)