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  1. 6 opaque.

    Thank you! I have a bunch more like this so this really helps with organization. Paul
  2. 6 opaque.

    These look to me to be somewhat similar? Right? Paul
  3. Marbles (4) Id help

    sclsu, Thank you. paul
  4. Marbles (4) Id help

    Steph, Wow. There is so much I don't know here. I am beginning to see that there is almost a visceral or tactile component to this process that requires a lot of experience. Thank you! This is a far cry from where I was before which was "a very pretty marble".
  5. Marbles (4) Id help

    I am novice at best and just starting to learn so any info on these would be great. They are part of a larger collection that I have gathered serendipitously over time so there is no real rhyme or reason except for "That's cool. I should keep that." If you have any questions or would like a photo with a better angle just ask. As far as designation goes A1 A2 B1 B2 Thanks, Paul
  6. Novice at best

    Steph, A shooter. I think? Its a term from my childhood so it could be very regional.
  7. Novice at best

    What is the best way to post marbles for help with identification? How many, photo angles etc... What ever makes it easier. Not in a rush. Paul
  8. Novice at best

    Hello all, I have a (largish?) marble collection due to fate only and have become fascinated yet lost. This is my process...."Ah ha! thats definitely a slag." Organize all "slags" More research "Wait....no..That might be a slag but the other one is a swirl...I think...wait is that a pontil? I think I have a strikers that looks like that? Could be just a chip though...why is this one with the cat eyes? It gorgeous! looks too new so its probably a fake. Maybe there all fakes?" Put down marble. Walk away.... Come back later. "Why is this striker with the slags?" I joke. A little. So I have come looking for sanity. Paul