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  1. Need help!

    I thought the superior had to have yellow surrounded by red on the one poles. I really hope it doesn’t end up being a JABO.
  2. cats eye

    👍Peltier Banana 🍌
  3. Need help!

    When I first saw this I was completely baffled. After further inspection I could find the seams and determine I still have no idea. Pelt came to mind.
  4. Great find in the wild!
  5. Mostly Pix - Master-Made

    the Peewee!!⬇️
  6. Mostly Pix - Akro

    Here are some lovelies I just received. Probably pretty basic as far as Akros are concerned. But they are a nice addition to my small collection.
  7. 3 for ID please!

    First one is just a tick under 7/8” very seedy glass. This one comes in at 5/8” A bit rough but very bright. 21/32” The first two came in a lot with some Kokomos and possible but odd looking Pelts. Thanks -Dave
  8. Help ID PLEASE

    Thank you both!
  9. Help ID PLEASE

    Maybe Campion?19/32
  10. Orange with blue tips and 2 lavender vanes.🤤
  11. Wow, @jeepermanthat first one is ridiculous!! Love it!
  12. @scooby I love the lavender one! Just came across one while digging through my “cat box”. (Hmmm should probably come up with another name for that box.)lol!
  13. Akro?

    With these colors I normally go straight to imperial, but these seams are screaming Akro. Plus all the the AV too. Thoughts?Thank you.
  14. Modern or Vitro?

    More angles would be helpful but from what I can see they look to be Vitro.