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  1. Beautiful Handmades

    🤯 thank you @orbboy! So much info. I will definitely be looking at handmades a bit more closely now. Very very interesting!
  2. Pelt Rainbo?

    This mib is super cool! I’m thinking Pelt rainbo. 19/32
  3. These are some handmades that I acquired recently. I don’t know much about them. I just know they are beautiful!😍 any help about date, maker or value would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Vitro Tiger Eyes

    A few more.
  5. What is this??

    More shots.
  6. What is this??

    It measures a little over 7/8. I originally had it with my Vitros. Now I’m starting to second guess. The bottom color is brown.
  7. Name that flame!🔥

    I was thinking CAC because of the possible turkey head in the top right pic. Thoughts?5/8
  8. While digging through a box of mibs at the local flea market, I realized I had set aside many of cat’s eyes. Vitro hybrid cats, cross vanes, and the tiniest peewee cat I’ve ever seen. 13/32
  9. My newest keeper!!

    I know! Thanks! I could only see one side of it and hoped for the best.
  10. Got this Akro Agate Popeye in a lot buy. It’s a little over 5/8 and in near mint condition. This is the first Popeye I’ve ever owned and it’s a beauty!
  11. I was thinking 7and 7😁🥃
  12. Sunburst anyone?

    Oooo I love this thread! Fantastic looking Masters. Love the green one @scooby! A few more of mine!
  13. Hey @Steph take some pictures!😜 in the meantime here’s some of mine. I know the top center is 2007. The rest, I have no clue.
  14. Color challenge thread

    Was mine. But is now safe with @Ric Next. More brown!