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  1. New to marbles - please help me ID

    MrM, I'm with you, I thought it would be easy to ID them as well. I bought books, searched and searched online and I still can't id them correctly. I tend to look at the color rather than the pattern I think... anyway, I am grateful to have these experts among us! Pam in KC
  2. More help, please

    Sadly, I do have a really thorough book by Robert Block, 5th edition. The trouble I have is that they seem to all look alike to me. For instance I was certain I had an oxblood... nope... but it sure looked like one to me... I think I may just get them all together and sell 'em. My father was the collector and I wish I would have listened closer when he talked about them. It would take me years to ID each of them. Thanks again... Pam
  3. More help, please

    Some more for your help identifying.... the 9th one has a rough finish, not smooth. Thanks... again, Pam
  4. More help, please

    Thanks again... I'm so very confused and amazed at your (all of your) knowledge on these. Mikie... I'll send 'em right away! Ha
  5. More help, please

    Is "slag" a good one? It really has had some handling... bumpy, rough... Here's a few more views... Thanks again! You guys are great! Pam
  6. More help, please

    I loaded pic onto photobucket then linked to it...
  7. More help, please

    Does this work?
  8. More help, please

    I have a really hard time uploading larger photos here.. it's limited to a certain size... but I will try again. Thanks.
  9. Peltier Rainbo?

    These look the same to me... are they Peltier Rainbo by any chance? Thanks!
  10. Peltier Rainbo?

    Thanks, again... I really appreciate your expertise! Pam
  11. My 2nd few

    Again, thanks in advance for help in identifying so I can perhaps sell them and be able to say what they are intelligently Pam
  12. My 2nd few

    #12 is a bit on the heavy side. It's a shame I don't have a barrel full of German Latticcinos. They sell really nicely on ebay. But with my untrained eye, some of mine look like those! haha... This is really fun! ... For me... may not be as much fun for you experts however. I never knew that marbles had names. And I'm not a young'en... I'm 60 years old.. just never did any research or reason to. My dad would show me his "cool" marbles and as a teenager, I'd roll my eyes and think... oh brother... I guess he was the smart one! As we get older we do realize our parents weren't as clueless as we once thought. Thanks again... and I bet you can't wait till I post more... haha... Wowee, this guy (photo) really loves his marbles!!! Pam in KC
  13. Hi ... I thought I was starting to be able to identify them via all the books I've purchased, and online photos.. .but... I have 2 yellow/black ones.. well, one is more orange/black... I think one is a "bumblebee" but not ever sure... I have taken 2 different views, let me know if more sides are needed for better view. I had some trouble with my photo size being too large, so tried to resize them down. Thanks... and these marbles are so cool, so different, yet so confusing! Pam
  14. My first few I need help with

    That figures.... but thanks for lookin' Steph!
  15. My first few I need help with

    Sorry, for another post but I forgot to ask if I should make a new post or add to this one when I have more I'd like you all to look at?
  16. My first few I need help with

    Thanks for all the fine info... so, how does the bumblebee differ from the one(s) above? By the way, I added a photo of most of my marbles in the "about me" section... if anyone takes a glance please let me know if my life fortune is among them... haha... Thanks again! Pam
  17. Hi from Midwest

    Hi ... I'm Pam and have inherited marbles after my parents passing. I am 60 years old and remember them playing Chinese Checkers with some of these marbles. Some of them must be from the 50's and 60's but identifying them is quite difficult. So many of them look alike. I've bought books, spent hours online trying to narrow down the ones I'd like to keep and the ones I'd like to sell. Hopefully you nice folks can help me. Thanks for the forum. It's great to see so many who love marbles as my father did. Pam