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  1. Mib ID

    Not sure on this one..
  2. Mib ID

    Sorry it took so long..
  3. cats eye

  4. cats eye

    Found this 11/16 cat hiding in a box in the closet... Lol
  5. Help please

    Very nice vitro cats eye..i have about a dozen of these type.I wonder about when they were produced..
  6. Vacor?

    The blacks as steph said,and the white are vacor...the reds I'm not to sure on..
  7. Mib ID

    I will get better pics these are horrible..translucent and 5/8
  8. Mib ID

    Lots of fractures on this one..
  9. Mib ID

    This was in a little jar from a antiques mall if I remember with 3-4 other marbles,Vitros I think..so it stood out,lol..one of those implosive buys from when I started to look for marbles..probably a year ago
  10. Mib ID

    15/16...and appears to have no transparency that I can see..
  11. Diane Wise

    My condolences...Sending hugs your way.
  12. Boulder ID

    Nothing special I'm sure... But it's huge..
  13. Boulder ID

    Found it's siblings ,1/2 and 9/16..
  14. ID help

    Looks like a pelt but that's me..
  15. Master of pelts

    Yea mib is confusing.2nd pic from bottom is kinda cool.only 9/16
  16. Master of pelts

    Found this hiding in a junk jar.it looked black At first..but something was different..
  17. Vacors

    I Have more like corsairs and such..
  18. Vacors

    Thanks steph..
  19. Favorite Pelt Rainbo

    Nice mib..like 2 mibs in one..I can see why it's your favorite..
  20. Vacors

    Not sure what masters your talking about..any pics of this blob like mib.. Thanks
  21. Vacors

    When I google rare or sought after vacor..seems like everyone seems to have a rare vacor for sale..but seems to be common..
  22. Vacors

    Don't know a whole lot about what vacors are collected..do the flamas come in clear glass,I have some that look like these in clear glass..thanks
  23. French collector

    Welcome To the family Stephane..
  24. Nice...will keep my eye out for those..
  25. Boulder ID

    that would be the mib..thanks