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  1. Mib By number.. The ones that get me

    Thanks everybody , that helps me a bunch when i get around to separating a few bags. Gonna have to write all this down.
  2. Mib By number.. The ones that get me

    Awesome, I feel good knowing these were all in the Vitro bag.
  3. If anybody is bored and wants to play Mib by number i would be grateful. These are the marbles that i haven't dove into much, And they all look very similar. Would like to sort them by brand and name. I can take pics of the other side on any of them. Thanks in advance
  4. Help with this please

    Cool, thanks man.
  5. Annnd one more. Any clue as to a maker?

    Thanks, i was leaning towards champion myself. Swirls are a different animal it seems
  6. Hello, thanks for letting me join this site.I look forward to learning from you all.
  7. Any signs of a maker on this little guy. It's .560"
  8. Help with this please

    Can anybody tell me the maker of this one by chance?
  9. Akro? Any thoughts on name?

    Oh ok, thanks.
  10. Akro? Any thoughts on name?

    Yeah the bands definitely corkscrew.
  11. Any input on this

    Cool, it measures .704" and i would say it's semi opaque. Thanks
  12. Akro? Any thoughts on name?

    Can anybody help me identify this one? It's an Akro im pretty sure.. Thanks
  13. Any input on this

    Can anybody tell me what this marble might be. It's hard to get a decent pic of the light blue base. Thanks in Advance
  14. Hand Gathered

    Thank you for the info. Very helpful.
  15. Hand Gathered

    Thanks, so is that different than hand gathered? Any signs of a maker?