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    Anyone interested in a red guinea? let me know, & I'll bring it to the show. it's in one if Blocks books, or any other guinea's I have left. not too interested in paying 30% to have someone sell them for me. leaves a bad taste. blah, thanks marblemiser
  3. I have a few that may be what you're looking for. How many thousands were you thinking of investing. Here are a few. thanks marblemiser

    Any news form the Canton Show? Pics. ect. Couldn't make it this year. Thanks marblemiser
  5. Peltier Glass Toy Marbles Update

    I'll have one. Let me know how to purchase your book. pm me. Thanks marblemiser
  6. SULPHIDES 1 1/8 & UNDER

    Thanks Steph, I've taken up another hobby, that uses up a lot of my time, Billiards. The marble market here is all but a fraction of yesteryear.. Now I'm looking for some new homes to let them go to. Thanks also for the info. marblemiser
  7. Hi all, I'm in the process of selling several of my Sulphide marbles. Are the ones 1 1/8 in. & under still priced higher than their larger cousins. I have a bear, cat, dog, rabbit, and a long tailed hound. condition mint to nm. Sorry no pics. Have no idea where my camera went to. Thanks for your help, in advance. marblemiser
  8. Aventurine Green???

    according to the amount of marbles offered there were approx.250 to 300. available so to my limited knowledge there wasn't enough so everyone would own 1 you know the one that goes up on hot air thermals marblemiser
  9. Aventurine Green???

    so when in 1995 when I bought this marble. It was really a 2008 jabo. I was not the only person at that show that purchased these marbles. Guy's & gals this marble has been in my collection 20 years. maybe if zaboo could post a few more view's' not so blown up views. they could compare better?? Look at the pics that marboman posted. his looks a lot like mine. All it comes down to is I know when & where I got it. I know it isn't Jabo. And Galen fly a kite/ that's my story & I'm sticking to it. I won't stand for being called a LIAR. It is what it is. marblemiser
  10. Aventurine Green???

    Ok, I may have misremembered. Thanks Ann sometimes I have those CRS moments! Though there are 2 green AV types that are solid green. BESIDE"S the 2000 Jabos? That's a point I was trying to get across to a seller. MINE is not a Jabo!! I will be getting it back soon anyway. do you have any PICS of them you could post here?
  11. Aventurine Green???

    Does any one remember the show where they were selling solid green aventurine mibs. The seller was selling them as Peltier. Some collectors said they were Champion. Also they would only sell 2 per person. help please. Thanks marblemiser PS they were before the JABO's
  12. I'm looking for someone that has bulk marbles for sale near Wooster, Ohio. Would like 5 to 10 gallon. not the special runs< thanks marblemiser
  13. How Do I Get To The Lom Board?

    thanks Steph
  14. Had it on my old hard drive gone forever. haven't been there for a while thanks in advance marblemiser