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  1. How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

    Snow in northern Michigan first week of Feb. 2014n first week of Feb. 2014
  2. Humor Ar Ar

    2 of my favorite stories from northern Mi. where I live. This one made the national news. An older woman called the road commission to have the deer xing sign moved down the road from her house. She told them the deer kept getting hit and ended up on her lawn. It made the Paul Harvey radio show. A conservation officer observed a car swerve towards a deer and missed it. He decided to follow the car soon after it tried to hit another deer. He pulled it over and asked the driver who happened to be an older woman as in the previous story, not the same one I hope. He asked what she was doing she replied "getting dog food". She had a dozen dogs in the car. It made all the local papers. Only in Mi. John
  3. Hybrid cats eyes??

    Started saving these when they were worth almost nothing. Loved the way they look. now have about 2 gallons of them. Seems like they are in about every batch of mibs I buy at estate sales and auctions John
  4. How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

    Had frost warnings last night and last week. 3 weeks ago birds from north of here were heading south. some maples turning red John
  5. She's happy with the watch and 4 sets of earrings. The woman who's mother died flew in to clear things out before the house was listed. There were 4 display cases in the living room with art glass half of the kitchen cabinets were display cases.with antique window doors from France. The house is made of logs some over 3 ft in diameter the central spiral staircase was 3 stories around a massive tree trunk. John
  6. Went to an estate sale last weekend, 4,000,000.00 house it was for sale. My wife got a watch for 20.00 checked the price online 1,100.00+, 14 ct. earrings for 15.00 checked online designer died in 2006 a gallery had a pair of her earring's in silver for 600.00+. spent about 300.00 still looking up prices. They had art glass pieces with receipts showing prices from 4,000.00 to 6,000.00 all marked from 400.00 to 800.00. John
  7. Sparkler?

    May have seen this before described as lobster tail. Barry Pink ? I definitely could be wrong John
  8. eBay marble searches are back

    I don't even look at ebay. I use collectors weekly web site. They use thumbnails with links and have the listings in categories for high bid, most watched,ending soon and completed. Check it out and post what you think of the site John
  9. I use collectors weekly web site to check ebay auctions. They use thumb nail pictures with links to the items. you can check high bids, most watched,ending soon and completed auctions. John
  10. I watch ebay on the collectors weekly web site. You can see how many people are watching an item with a link to ebay. You can check out what items went for after auction. I use this site to sort out all kinds of items John
  11. The Marble Trick

    The BBC has a clip of marble racing. Featured on the front page. Clips were seen 16 million times. John
  12. Finally allowed me to up load pics. Shows box closed and open with one of the covers part way opened John
  13. Folding mib box, size 14X22X4 1/2 inches. Holds 616 mibs. Tried to add pictures kept getting denied. set size down to 70.7KB, message says I can only use 430.08KB. Have not had this problem before. Size is with box closed it opens like a suitcase, open it is 28X22X2 1/4 inches John
  14. I use 1/2 to 3/4 inch poster board that is made from styrofoam that has a thick cardboard on the top and bottom.You can buy it at most printing and copying centers. I glue it to 1/4 or 3/8 plywood depending on the size of the box. If you are lucky and the printer does a lot of displays they will give you their scrap for free. I cut slots in the side of the box so I can use a plexiglass top that slides off. The foam takes care of the weight problem and a good plywood does not warp. John
  15. I don't understand why no one uses round router bits for mib boxes. I have used them on all my boxes. Then I use flock on the holes. It is a lot easier to paint on colored glue and sprinkle on the colored fibers. You can buy it from woodcrafters or craft stores. Some of my boxes hold almost 500 mibs. It would take way to long to cut out felt. The mibs are a lot easier to get out to. John