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Found 1 result

  1. Hi together, first I need to explain the german title: Jubiläumsedition just means jubilee edition I designed it to join this years special annivesary event "50 years of fischertechnik". That is why all the blue flags are spread around the marble run. Starting with the "A Tribute To Imperfection" project stage of 2014 I extended the marble run to have three linked tracks for marbles and a fourth track dedicated to ping-pong balls. The lifter for the ping-pong balls is driven by the glas marbles running through a 'mill' just as water drives mills along rivers. In 2014 already there was this type of mill but it just energized a small globe to turn slowly. And due to some problems of the 2014 construction I needed to redesign the mill as the arriving tracks now come in roughly 1 1/8 inch (30mm) lower. There is so much more to say, but I first need to find out about your gallery system. Stay tuned. Regards Hoody