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Found 3 results

  1. Help identify!!

    Please help identify. I can send more pics if necessary.
  2. Help Please

    hello I have had some of these marbles for quite some time and would love some help identifying them.
  3. Mystery In Pink

    Hi, All. I am trying to learn how to resize and post pictures. So here are two photos. Let's see what they look like. My question is, "What is the story on the pink one?" Size: 23/32" (just under 3/4") I have never had a pink one like this show up in my mail box before, but here it is, next to a blue and a white for contrast. Also, it has what may be an "as made" defect. It is almost flush with the surface of the marble, and impervoius to goo-gone or scraping or vinegar. Who made marbles like this? Ruth