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Found 1 result

  1. Selling some mibs

    The biggest helmet I have seen, had a question about these marbles so to answer. Both outside rows are 7/8" shooters Cosmic rainbo's, six vein cat-eyes green and blue base and a huge helmet. Also upper right hand corner is a buttermilk and finally an odd pastel swirl, bottom corner. Those are all shooters, the remainder are 5/8"-11/16" range. Red yellow green are sweet peas, green black yellow are black-eyed peas, clear base with yellow and red are chick peas, brown white red are biscuits and gravey. The rest are pastels and a rebel and a patriot tri lite. This is a collection and I would like to sell as it is. These are some that I've been holding back but decided sell, they are my best. There are 58 marbles at $20 = $1160 make it $1200 with shooters.