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Rylee Burch

How Do I Fix A Dull Marble Without Spending A Fortune?

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well for sure Rich does a great job with the torch also Leroy . but if you want to do it you self just put on some liquid wax works great . Mike








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too many pics here are the rest . Mike this is a not a wax but a floor finish for schools Polymer , It is also water soluble and can be washed off but it also will last YEARS and then some . the picture is at least 10 years old and still looks the same . Mike




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I do all sizes of sulphides for one price. Final polish only to shine up the marble (will cause any damage to show worse in some cases) $2.75 pre-polish and than finale polish $5.50 or all three steps for $8.00 plus postage and insurance if desired. Further information may be had by emailing marblemender@neb.rr.com ----Leroy----

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