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Random Non-Marble Eye Candy ( :

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Hi, Steph!

Want you to know that I and all your TMC friends are here with you now!

Isn't it relaxing here? The 'The Lounge' forum sure is a peaceful place!

You can talk, or fall asleep, or do anything you want!

When you think about it, you couldn't have things better!

Now that I've talked you down, I have to say

Boy! That graphic really hit me!

I kind of want to swivel my big monitor vertically and look at it full-screen,

but I'm having some possible seizure concerns, so I don't know. ( :

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I'm a little late in saying that winnie's 'dancing ducks' is pretty spectacular.

And not the kind of photo you're going to see in publications

which depend on random people with phones for their pictures.

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The 'seizure concern' I mentioned earlier reminded me of something I

learned about during my construction days. You know those little strobe

lights (Cool! I'm integrating 'far-out' stuff into this boring post!) that you

see as part of or next to fire alarms in commercial buildings these days?

They were of course designed to be 'noticeable'. Which is kind of an

understated way to put it. But the people who researched how to best

accomplish this did too good a job. So when these alarms first appeared,

it turned out that a good number of people who didn't even know they

were in the upper-half of the 'seizure-prone' community wound up

convulsing when fire alarms would go off in business or public places.

Luckily, some sharp research people discovered that the seizure problem

only occurred when all the strobe lights were in synchronization. (Sorry!

I was going to say "synch", but figured the whole word would sound more

sophisticated!) So all that was necessary to solve the problem was to

wire the strobes to go off in a random fashion.

So this is why you now look down a long hallway when alarms are going

off, and see random flashes instead of blink-blink-blink-blink. B)

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Alleynut's shot is great.

I think everyone should either go out and take photos like this,

or look at the photos of those who do. Possibly meditate upon them.

There's something about 'natural patterns' which can really teach

you a lot. Well I think so. ( :

And jeeperman's awesome b&w has both a 'natural pattern' (the tree)

and an 'untold story' to it. Which is much more interesting than

most 'Okay, I get it.' shots.

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Pretty clear to me that you did nothing but help the thread!

But I do wonder sometimes about the names of certain topics.

And the funny thing is that it's the 'best named' ones that

sometimes seem to have a problem. At least in my own

personal neurotic experience. It's the 'long-term' topics, like

this one, or 'food', or 'what are you listening to now?'.

Sometimes these forums have a lull for a while, and it feels

like a message you leave in them gets so quickly pushed

into the background by a current 'hot' topic that many people

don't get a chance to see it.

On the other hand, if you start a new, more noticeable

thread, you feel like you're not playing by board etiquette.

I don't know. Maybe I just worry about stuff too much. ( :

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