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How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

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Yikes! Northern areas of MI can get some absolutely insane snow!


This is what my poor car looked like before I dug myself out yesterday --



Took me 3 hours, but my driveway is clear now! As clear as I could get it, anyway. Blisters on my palms too! Got out of my drive just fine, but then struggled to drive the 2 blocks to a clear street. Took 10 minutes to drive 2 blocks, kept getting stuck! Road had last been plowed Saturday afternoon, and we got several more inches since then. Figured that would happen -- I watched a car get stuck a few houses down while I was shovelling. 

Luckily when I came home yesterday, my street had been plowed! So no struggle on the way back in... until I got to the ginormous burm at the end of my drive from the plow, LOL! Almost didn't make it back into my drive. 

Just came back in from shovelling that burm. And have some great icicles to share...

Glad I don't use my front door!!! They've reached & frozen to the porch!





In the back, there's a massive one reaching the actual ground!!!



Should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow when temps finally get & stay above freezing for a while... wondering if they'll be even more amazing, or if the melt will be too intense and they'll just disappear...

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The outside thermometer read 39 this morning as I headed out to the mailbox down the street and I let out an involuntary "ooooeeeee nice!"  

lol ... I'm easily pleased. 

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