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My 2nd few

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Again, thanks in advance for help in identifying so I can perhaps sell them and be able to say what they are intelligently :)





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1.  Asian cat's eye.  Common style.  Modern.  If there's any value, it comes with the large size.

2.  Also Asian.  Known as an "Imperial" because the Imperial Toy Company distributed them.  Modern.

3 & 4.  Vitro or Akro.  Vintage.

5.  Maybe Vitro cage style cat's eye.

6.  Asian cage style cat's eye.

7. ?

8.  Appears to have an oily finish.   Modern.

9.  I think vintage.  Not seeing enough of the seams to be able to guess maker.

10.  ? 

11.  Maybe West Virginia Swirl.  If so, then vintage.  

12. Is this light-ish or heavy-ish.  If light, then probably clay, though could be a ceramic with color worn off.  If heavy, then maybe stone.  Though old, no particular value.  One name for a single-colored clay marble is "commie" ... because they were so common.

13. Hmmmm ... probably vintage.  Two or three companies it could be.  Marble King, Vitro, Akro.  Maybe I should be able to say which one, but it's too early in the morning.

14.  This one is looking foreign.  Asian. Modern.

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#12 is a bit on the heavy side.  It's a shame I don't have a barrel full of German Latticcinos.  They sell really nicely on ebay.  But with my untrained eye, some of mine look like those!  haha...

This is really fun!  ... For me... may not be as much fun for you experts however.  I never knew that marbles had names.  And I'm not a young'en... I'm  60 years old.. just never did any research or reason to.  My dad would show me his "cool" marbles and as a teenager, I'd roll my eyes and think... oh brother... I guess he was the smart one!  As we get older we do realize our parents weren't as clueless as we once thought. 

Thanks again... and I bet you can't wait till I post more... haha...

Wowee, this guy (photo) really loves his marbles!!!

Pam in KC


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That guy has almost as many as I do....... (NOT). That is marble overload! Not that I don't want that many..... don't get me wrong.



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