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  2. So mine is not electric. I have been told that it was. It certainly stands out in a crowd. Keep the real electrics comin'. Thanks Bruce
  3. I'm still not sure what's newer or older but I am learning! https://imgur.com/8XAHX04
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  5. Fantastic Akros! And that Collector's Club lighter is something else. I know I've seen one before, is this the only one Ron? Or were several made? -Jess
  6. The orange of this Cac swirl in hand is dazzling.....very intense
  7. A Christensen electric yellow single seam slag, much brighter than Akro or any other companies slag. Almost neon when held in hand.
  8. One of the best examples of electric colors I've ever seen a rare Christensen green based transparent submarine, not my marble but a friends way out of my price range, still one of if not the best I've ever seen. He sold this mib some time ago for $2500.00, now you couldn't probably touch it for $3000.00 to $4000.00 or more, immaculate shape, no fleas, asmades nothing, for a marble of it's age and type VVVHTF. An oversize Chrissy @ 21/32nds, This is about as electric and exotic as you can get. I see marbles like this in my dreams, I don't usually like Christensen but in this case I make an exc
  9. I just traded and sold the last of my Christensen's, but here is a picture of a Christensen striped opaque my friend Terry has, As you can see the yellow is extremely vibrant, this is the definition of an electric color, batch glass, pure color, still yours is a "nice marble Bruce" I have a great number of slags, love em, none of them Christensen, I sold or gave them away. .
  10. One of the threads in the ID section morphed into a discussion about "electric" colors. I think they might be a judgement call, It still would be interesting to see everybody's "electric" mibs. I'll start with my only one, my big ol' yellow slag.
  11. Well, the front one appears to have a sheen on it that I associate with Asian. but since I don't see how the ends of the ribbons come together, I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Would be good to show those "cutlines" ... the ends of the ribbons.
  12. I think those are in the modern Asian family, also known as "Imperials".
  13. Electric colors are shades of a certain color that pop out at you more than normal. A regular shade of orange will be indistinguishable from a bunch of mibs the same color or shade, throw an electric orange one in a group of a hundred and you can pick it out in a second. Most electric colors are from batch glass, a purer form of making marble glass instead of running one color on top of the other and mixing them. Christensen was well known for it's electric colors, google some pix of Christensen electric slags or striped opaque's and you'll see what I mean. They where far and above in their gl
  14. found these in a lot, and if they are cats eyes what kind are they? thanks!
  15. I received two marbles in the mail today from a very good friend, lost in the mail and late on top of that. No money involved just sharing the Friendship we have with each other. Though separated by thousands of miles we have come together, two like minded people to share in the great hobby of marble collecting. Never met and probably never will until we all do someday, but still the best of friends. I can't express what I felt when I opened the package today, the value of the marbles is of no consequence, it's the fact of being a gift from someone I've never met. Where else but here, great fr
  16. Yesterday
  17. I hope it helps you out Bonnie !! Being reflective, made of glass and round a marble is probably the hardest thing I've ever photographed, but I am improving after many many attempts and some good advice I have improved and still getting better.
  18. I know you like the akro's w/ black in them Jess, a good example Ron has above, I'm playin catchup but have a long ways to go. Here's another special I just got with black, yellow and kind of a custard base to it. By the way Ron thems some "killer limeades" they're gettin to be pretty scarce now a day's especially with any appreciable amount of ox in em like those.
  19. Yes it's black av. Bruce, like the blue and white Alley swirl I have pictured above, mostly black w/ some silver here and there. The mib you have is a very nice example of black av. Also comes in blue, silver, red, green and a few other variations, "from what I gather" the higher the temp the smaller and darker the av. particles become. I may be off a little but the av. in your mib is perfectly normal. Many of my Alleys have Black av. mixed with a little silver or green, I like the way it gives things in the marble an outline. Your marble isn't inferior but an excellent example of black av., a
  20. It appears you need a macro lens to bring your pix into focus Bonnie, if you are using your cell Jess just bought a really good clip on for her phone, the post is on "General marble glass chat" under "new macro lens " I hope this helps you out !! Chad
  21. I am not leaving or going any where, not yet. This happens like I said routinely. But I am still Sorry that it happens. I sometimes get short or then to detailed, to the point, for some. Sometimes including myself. people are just having a bad day. We never know what else may be happening that day in someone's life. But it works both directions. It is done and tomorrow is a new day. It will happen again as normal. It is a hazard with what I do and I know that well. Marble on.
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