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  2. we Periodically sell a variety of my collectibles at local antique shows. Our kids want nothing to do with what we collect, so we focus on kids at shows, giving away coins, marbles, and small knives. WITH THE PARENTS APPROVAL!! At this weekends show, we are giving kids a bag of assorted coins and marbles, along with a cigar box to keep them in.
  3. Kinda looks like a Peltier Nova but hard to tell from one view.
  4. Let’s start a thread on jar finds. Those hidden jewels in $10 jars at antique stores.
  5. I had a jar of marbles I was buying at an antique on the counter, had a nice 3/4” Peltier K/M in it. This guy walks up, picks up the jar and shakes it. I came unglued on him, everyone there thought I was nuts.🤣
  6. Very jealous, never found a decent CAC in 25 years of buying jars👍
  7. Yesterday
  8. Thanks for sharing your expertise with me! Ah, yes, I'm thinking that marble #4 has that fold.
  9. Yes, any swirl can make a turkey head pattern. CAC being famous for it since it happens more frequently on theirs. JABO classics were single fold marbles, meaning the ingot was short and fat and all it could do is fold in half to make the marble as it hit the rollers. This creates a C or U shape, the famous JABO buttcrack, and makes them easier to ID. Cairo also used this type of construction but usually a little more pattern and lesser quality glass and often bubbles. St. Mary's Alleys can sometimes have a similar construction and exhibit turkey heads or Cs. Vacor also occasionally can do this. It's a useful tool int he ID bag.
  10. I was searching for some info on other companies that made marbles with the turkey head swirls besides the Christensens and found a forum that popped up with a photo of a marble that looked very similar to one that I got on eBay. Funny thing is, that as I compared the photos to my marble, to my surprise, it was the exact same marble! That made identification quick and easy! I discovered that Jabo also has turkey heads. Marble collecting is full of surprises! Just thought I'd include a photo of a few that were included in that lot. I think they are all Jabos. The more I look at Jabos, the more I fall in love with them.
  11. Hi. Welcome. That does look like glass to me. More views might help with the ID.
  12. Hi there! I was recently gifted a bunch of really cool marbles and this one really stands out to me! Any information on type? Age?
  13. Last week
  14. Since collecting marbles, my "eyeballing" of measurements has improved. So if I'm looking at the thickness of a piece of plywood etc...
  15. I've decided. I'm going to sift the dirt off and put it in a baggie and then clean the marbles and put them in my Pennsboro box. I better do that before too much Wisconsin dust gets mixed in with the WV dirt.
  16. a magazine cover from Paul Germann
  17. Yup. European. (Veiligglas, Amsterdam) on the large flamy ones.
  18. on these 2 … European … flame-swirls. need to clarify i.d. to post to the bay. slag .. possibly from ohio ? sizes are 7/8-15/16" on flamey 1's and 15/16" on the slag. thoughts appreciated … thanks .. bill
  19. In California the Alley WV dirt is scarce, so I'd keep the dirt on them, but that me.
  20. Sweet mibs there^ ! I meant to post a photo of the previous one I posted along with cullet from the factory.
  21. Love them all. Thanks for sharing. Didn't know all these existed.
  22. I'm cleaning house today, Steph. Can send you some WV dirt. I find myself asking random people if they have/collect marbles. There is a mower repair shop in Ravenswood and I fight the urge to call the owner and ask if he collects marbles. He just looks like one of those people. I also imagine searching an abandoned school yard and finding lots marbles.
  23. Thanks guys! It's the first one I've found.
  24. At the end of November you get a bag of dug Alleys and now it's February and you're still not sure if you want to wash off the dirt .... That's West Virginia dirt!
  25. Just curious on what happens if buyer disputes - doesn't eBay side with Buyer and refund money automatically? Or does eBay side with seller on the "no returns" stated in the listing?
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