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  2. Jose

    Marble Game

    Saw my young cousins playing this game. I never played it myself but decided to share a picture with the forum.
  3. Hello, I am new here. I bought an old bag of marbles at a Chicago flea yesterday. I was intrigued by this rather large one. It appears to be old. The surface is odd to me, as you can see from the photos. It is not damaged, it was made this way - or it occurred over time. It is translucent amber color. About 1 3/8" in diameter on my rule (couldn't locate my calipers this morning), and weighs over 2 ounces (60 grams). I know about a lot of things, but not marbles. Thank you in advance for any thoughts on this piece.
  4. wvrons

    Help ID

    Vitro All Red. One of the most common Vitro marbles produced. Produced for about forty years. Each one is opaque white base always with one red patch and another patch of a color other than red.
  5. Boy, 2 “faux pauxs” in a single post. It has been too long away from the hobby. are spirals and ribbons similar? i may need to post some snakes to make amends. i do have a hybrid spiral/ace, with both milky and clear glass separated by an orange spiral. There is also red/blue “snaking” above the orange on the surface. what categories did I miss???🤔
  6. Thank you, Steph. That's very helpful. It's pretty difficult for me to tell the difference between the different marble makers. The Indian seemed easier for me to identify in a general way. I've attached some other pictures of that Indian marble. Would it be classified as a 360 Swirl? Or do the black bands make it not a 360? Additionaly, could it be called a Lutz since goldstone seems to be in 2 of the black bands?
  7. Yesterday
  8. No snakes in this thread grrrrrrrrr! I do see some pretty hard to find Akro Spirals though. Red is near the top of the hard to find list of standard colors so I would put transparent ones above that. It's neat the way they look like nothing special until you look at them at the right angle.
  9. Hello. Welcome. No Blue Angel. I think the center marble is an Indian. Akro Blue Eggyolk on center left. Top left appears to be an Akro Prize Name corkscrew. Bottom left may also be. Top right and bottom right are also Akros. Right center is a Peltier Rainbo. Bottom middle looks like a Master from here. More views could change my mind. Top middle is a West Virginia Swirl. Many of those marbles are from the 1930's. Two or three possibly a little later. The Indian most likely older.
  10. Happy Father's Day, I'm new to this forum and to marbles (and to marble picture-taking). These are some old, family marbles that I'm trying to classify. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Jon
  11. Motown

    Id help

    Thanks!!!!! I really appreciate the help.
  12. I was pretty sure after I had the marbles out of the bag that they weren't old. Another thing I just noticed is that the hole in the label / hanger won't even fit over the neck of Coke bottle. I'm still paying for a marble education. Fortunately this wasn't an expensive lesson. Ron, thanks for your help!
  13. I believe the determining factor is if the base glass glows when backlit. These are NLR era mArbles , color combos can vary . Here’s another with a green base and red ribbons sometimes called a Translucent Dragon.
  14. Oh ok I see . I haven't seen any of these. Nice looking for sure .
  15. @orbboy? ... were you a snake fan? @disco005? .... I know you are
  16. Steph

    Id help

    I was seeing it is as a machine-made mark compounded with cold rolls. I could still be mistaken.
  17. Not 1950-60's. All newer marbles. A fantasy bag, there are hundreds of different ones out there. I doubt that the bag was cellophane. Original packaged marbles in old cellophane bags are rare. Most of them are stiff and brittle and break like thin glass. Plus Coke never packaged any marbles in a bottle hanger cellophane bag. Most of the Coke bagged marbles are not original. One key for original plastic bagged marbles, is the heat sealed seam down the center on the back side of the bag. If the plastic bag does not have this seam, be cautious. It is easy to make rust on the staples.
  18. In the first pic they look like red clearies, except the center mib. as for rarity, I have no clue.
  19. Here are two pics. The center is a two-color red/blue.
  20. Hi , Mr. Schmoozer can you post a pic of your rare Akro snake ?
  21. Last week
  22. Bought a bag of Coca-Cola giveaways at an antique mall. Staples are rusty, the label looked right and the bag is cellophane so I figured they were legit. Now that I see them out of the bag I'm not so sure. Are these 1950's / 60's? Any ides about the maker?
  23. Yes, transparent...🤭 I did some digging around and found 4 examples, all red. Don’t remember seeing this type with any other transparent color.
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