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  2. In the pic's of master's I posted I have several w/ pink, purple, a blend ?? Hopefully we all learn something new, I'm game That's why I'm here Also Have some huge 3/4 or better that appear as master, hang on I'll repost, here tell me what you think of the big brushed patch. I threw in the purple and pink one's, some of my seam's look pointy like the other and some don't, I'm curious about that ( just remeasured a hair over 3/4 " )brushed one on the top L 3rd and top R last pic. sarab mib definitely has a different looking base color for sure, I thought it was the camera but the same lavende
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  4. "Oops"....sorry I meant Master
  5. Thanks Steph. Thank you Roberto.
  6. Sara, "maestro" is Italian for "master".
  7. Ciao, I'm not familiar with Maestro. Is that a maker? A named Imperial? A named Master?
  8. Looks like a couple of CAC's there. And that big one is intriguing.
  9. I think Maestro .... wonderful colors!
  10. Thanks for marble compliments from you both and opinions. Am looking forward to this discussion.
  11. I don't know. With the green looking like that base glass and it being covered in a layer of white-ish glass, I don't recognize that as an Akro pattern. Keeping mind open about Akro. Considering Vitro. And considering that it could be something else altogether. I wouldn't particularly think "old" Akro, because I would expect the older ones to fall more consistently into Akro's standard patch patterns.
  12. I totally get the Master ID. It LOOKS Master to me too. I want it to be Master. However, some have said the lavender points away from Master. Curious marble. On a technicality even if it's Asian, it's hard for me to see it as "Imperial" because to me it looks truly vintage and since the Imperial Toy Co. was founded in 1969 and didn't initially import Asian marbles, if we have truly vintage marble here, it couldn't have come via Imperial. But again, that's just a technicality since we use "Imperial" for a wide range of Asian marbles, not just the ones distributed by that particula
  13. Look's allot like a master to me, but I do have some imperial's that fooled me, never the less a very nice marble. Couldn't sleep, good morning Steph 😴
  14. Pix look fine to me. Big but not too big on my monitor. @Da Roberto has some unusual Imperials ... so if that's the direction we should be heading maybe he could shine a light. Very interesting marble. And beautiful.
  15. yikes, are my photos too big making it blurry? Can re-size if necessary.
  16. Hi, just want to share this beautiful marble I acquired a couple of years ago. I've never seen another like it. Any of you have similar? I understand it is Master Made (not Master glass). Some have suggested Imperial. It's roughly 11/16" by my old rusty Stanley tape measure.
  17. I think this to be an old Akro hero ? Just guessing, I may be way off on this one, Kind of a weird design that's why I had kept it, what's your opinion on the I.D. ?? The heavy lashe's made me think Akro, obscure for sure. Chad Gartner's Page.url
  18. Unique is the importance... To find something you have never seen/shared is important! You will only have what we as a community puts into it/each other. Even I am to blame... I truly think this is made by a different manufacture/people.
  19. I can't for the life of me understand where I'm getting the ring of dot's ?? 1 bulb, no flash ? the sun doesn't have the same effect ??? I give
  20. Is that bottom right a Brick? Bruce
  21. Don't know where my mind was, I was on the phone and quoting you @ the same time. A really good excuse would be if the person on the phone was named Claudia ( not ) I only have a 1/2 track brain and can barely do 1 thing @ a time. " Claudia " Oh brother !! I don't even have the patch. Sorry about the bum post man.. I'll edit it and show the edit so no one get's a bum steer.
  22. at 1 1/8", jolly roger .... obtained from roger hardy .... claudia, i understand is the patch .....
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