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  2. From 19-Mar-1926, The Columbus Telegram (Columbus, Nebraska).
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  4. Not about patches ..... Good to have marble books to browse, but as far as studying the ID-ing of patches in any systematic way, no.
  5. They have very nice eye appeal. Relaxing to look at.
  6. Thank you guys, I will keep one of each and place the others in my donation box.
  7. Thnx for the much needed info ! They will be saved for future reference.
  8. To many for one picture. Top row= Peltier Banana Cat Eye, Maybe Jabo, Foreign Cat Eye, Vitro Cage Cat Eye. 2nd row= Banana Cat Eye Pelt or Foreign, Jabo,Cat Eye ?,Maybe Vitro Cage Cat Eye. 3rd row= Cat Eye ?, Jabo, Same as one above. 4th row= Vitro Cage Cat Eye, Jabo. Value for whole group $2.00-$3.00 at the best.
  9. 2nd & 3rd pictures. Left either Vitro or Marble King ? Middle maybe Vitro ? Far right Cairo Novelty.
  10. Correct. Top three left Peltier feathered Slags. Three more slags, cannot be sure on makers by these pictures. Right three. Top weak Tri Lite, not Superior no yellow, just thinned and burnt red. Middle with blue patch Vitro Bullseye. Bottom right weak Tri Lite.
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  12. I'm going with Vitros on the right. Just wondering what their collectors' names might be. I think "Bullseye" on the middle one and bottom one. I sorta wanted the top to be a Superior but not seeing the right pattern. Could be a Tri-Lite though.
  13. Your right, modern marbles are getting older but there's nothing quite like a collection of Vintage marbles from the 70's and 80's I grew up in the 90's and there were a lot of 70's and 80's marbles about I remember kids trading them when I was at school and marble games in the playground. I can't really feel much of a connection with modern marbles. I will get my ideal collection very soon, I've already got some 90's marbles to kick start my collection.
  14. Thnx Al, they are very beat up . But definitely will always hold a very special place in my heart . Marble players definitely know what I'm talking about . Lol !
  15. Here is one of my two carpet balls. Looks like a slip painted design under glaze.
  16. Nice variety. Big MFC green slag on top. Looks like Bennington or right. Blue Alley flame on left.
  17. Looks like left and right are swapped in first pic. Using 2nd & 3rd pic, left is probably Vitro. Middle may be also. Right is WV (West Virginia) swirl - maybe Cairo but...?
  18. Slags on left; possible Vitros on right.
  19. Various styles of cat's-eyes except maybe for the one down the 2nd column from left. Couple banana cat's (prob. Peltie) on left, top two. Cage style, mayb Vitro in lower left and possibly upper right. 2nd down on right prob. foreign. 3rd column foreign cat's.
  20. Priceless sentimental value regardless of terrible condition . Memories of filthy hands and holely jeans so many good times ....
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