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  2. Just read this today (8/5/21) and it still holds true.
  3. Consider this; it is a rare and cool box for sure. A family owned store with a small area of coverage. Perhaps a toy dealer sold the owners marbles from different companies letting them chose what to pack these boxes with. The marbles do not seem to be all from one company. Regardless of my wanderings on this subject. It is a very cool box with very cool marbles and I want to see more of the box and the marbles---- Thanks for sharing, Marble on!!
  4. Gladys, most WV swirl company marbles do not show the cut line or seam. Some do but with most it is very difficult to find the cut lines. But every standard round machine made marble was cut twice. With WV swirl marbles traits can be size, color combinations, does it glow, the actual pattern of the swirl, the swirl coverage 50% or all over, inside outside, does the swirl stay on the surface or dive in and out. What are the ends of the ribbons or swirls like straight pointed rounded. Having for sure known examples to compare with. Colors can be very important, even slight difference in shades of color can help. Sometimes you can only narrow a marble down to two companies because they are so much alike or exactly alike. Alley was the first person to ever make a marble at Ravenswood WV. When he left, Ravenswood Glass, Ravenswood Novelty used his recipes and made marbles same as he did. But changed as time went on. Some people say WV swirls are the most difficult to separate by companies. Which there were several. There were nine or eleven swirl companies in Ritchie County WV, one county alone.
  5. A few look Alley for sure and a few look very much like Davis. Does any of the white glow in the blue and white ones ? Davis
  6. An old box I picked up locally, which is odd in itself. The mix is heavy on the Vitro I think. I’m thinking of taking a group shot. I’ve come across some interesting ones in it. Thankyou for the help. I’ve gotten so much enjoyment from this group.
  7. I use a Sony camcorder & it has only auto so it jumps back & fort between the surface & the figure. most mibs you are concerned only with the outside condition but a sulphide not so. Air bubbles on the figure, detail etc. "Thanks for the input Bruce" guess maybe I need something maybe a bit more advanced than a camcorder ??
  8. Here is another odd vitro. I was so excited to find this old link 🤩
  9. Ric

    3 for ID

    I agree, the colors on the second one look Vitro but . . . ?
  10. Type IV Tiger Eye, I think.
  11. akroorka

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    I read somewere once that Vitro produced different colored/styled marbles for sale overseas. I cannot recall were I read it and I cannot verify it. These would fit the bill if it were a fact. I am not so sure about the one in the middle but the others look like Vitro to me. Marble on!
  12. Thanks Chuck, It may be from a family owned department store in Nebraska - pretty sure the marbles are Alley.
  13. OK , just a couple more I photograph outside often.
  14. On sulphides try to focus on the critter inside and not the surface of the glass. Thanks Bruce
  15. Hi Ron, beautiful marbles! ....I have a ?. left 3rd one down, that arm or snot thing I have marbles that have that, is that a seam thing to determine the maker? I know very little about swirls. Thank you in advance!
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