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  2. if it a huge fracture that gives those odd internal reflections?
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  4. What a beauty. Congrats on ferreting out the background.
  5. Thank you too Akro. Yes the colors are great. Here's some gallery shots. It's the base glass that has thrown off....Anyways.
  6. Awesome piece and great information!
  7. Well !! after over 20 years of lugging this thing around I found out what this thing was, A Vidrio fan base. The Vidrio company had their own glass manufacturing plant & made a wide variety of things. Fan bases, gear shift knobs, cigarette lighters etc... So glad I stumbled onto this site, I'll post a few of my "anchor" and then the link & a few pics from the site to spark your interest. LINK : https://www.afcaforum.com/forum1/52516.html PICS OF THE PUZZLE PIECE I LUGGED AROUND FOR OVER 20 YEARS UNDER A BLACKLIGHT THE THING LIGHTS UP LIKE THE SUN, I BELIEVED IT WAS
  8. Good only a few bucks was alright for them you did ok William, personally I just buy what I like anyway & try not to get to carried away, but sometime I wonder ??
  9. The glass leans more towards the yellowish side of green rather than the usual greens I have seen. More than likely a bubble split the veins when made, but thought I would post here for any input being an uncommon oddity?
  10. Full of little tiny bubbles, the last pic shows a little "crease" (dead center of marble) otherwise don't see any other marks on it. Wondering about it's origin if possible. Thanks!
  11. Funday Friday produced this find, interesting enough too purchase for a few bucks
  12. Funday Friday ended up ok, found a handful of marbles and this...fine little piece and the hunt continues 😊
  13. Love that color combo...looks great. Does look like an Akro corkscrew gone wild...and the colors are typical for Akro as well.
  14. Group picture 71 so far , more comming Enjoy and maybe you see a special one among these , let me know plz
  15. Few more germans to ID and appraisel plz
  16. 4 for ID Enjoy and hope you can help Appraisel would be nice
  17. The Killers, great idea on mib stands, I'm a sucker for Alleys to, you're gettin into some great mibs
  18. Yesterday
  19. Very neat looking. Two of the views look corky. Alley would lead my guesses, but I could see it going different ways including CAC.
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