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  2. Happy Birthday!  (I'm just a newbie perusing the site and noticed that it was your birthday.)  May you enjoy an awesome marble discovery today.--Gail 

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize that Alley was that short-lived. Thanks for the info. Also wondering if those black tips and lines are blue oxblood or just bluish black glass.
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  5. Ron would probably have to give you approximate dates but they were in business in the 30's & 40's so I would surmise that these would be from the 40's?
  6. There's been a number of marbles on ebay purporting to be Blue Lagoons that aren't. Too many to list or police the sellers. End of Rant.
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  8. I think you are right. I just saw one that looked like these on eBay. Thanks. Are these are newer since they don't have those busy swirls and flames?
  9. Good variety of marbles. From the views, the majority seem to be newer marbles from the last 20-30 years.
  10. They looked too shiny to be the older ones so my first guess was the Champion brand since they have produced marbles into the 21st century (?). Thanks for your help!
  11. Hi Everyone, I need some help again. Now that I have time to actually try to identify some of the marbles that I just randomly picked up here and there... Here are some that I've been always wondering about. I don't really see them anywhere, so I'm suspecting that they aren't all that collectible, but it would be nice to finally know what they are. I have rotated them right to left, clockwise, by about a quarter turn for each pic. The top two are about 0.66" and the last three are about 0.61". I'm guessing sizes by comparing them to other marbles I have since my calibrator is in a moving box. I took pictures of these as a set because the swirl thicknesses and patterns looked similar. The first one has a slightly tinted white base, and, it seems that I can see like a grain pattern of swirling white glass. The orange swirls seem translucent. I notice that there are tannish swirls that don't necessarily follow parallel to the orange swirls. The second one is more of a pure white, though when I compare it to other marbles that have an opaque white base, this one is different; almost as if it has a clear base with opaque white mixed in. The tips of the purplish brown swirls (which look translucent) are bluish black. There are separate swirl lines of bluish black here and there, as well. The third marble has the same bluish black tips at the end of the brown swirls like the second marble. The bluish black seems to swirl here and there as well. The base seems a little less opaque. The last two are not as interesting--basically translucent swirls, one orange and the other green. I was thinking maybe Champions or Alleys. I did see similar sparsely swirled marbles on eBay occasionally labeled as Heatons. Thanks for any help that you can offer.
  12. Very good ! Those four are usually identified wrong 90% of the time. Once you have them in hand and compared to others, the difference can be noticed. A good set to learn from and teach with. Champion had a few others from this same time frame that also get confused with older WV swirls.
  13. Between the bubbles and play wear - the marble refracts light in a cool way. I thought I would share. 20200116_214440(1) (1).mp4
  14. I have a very good friend who is searching for two number sulphides and these are numbers 1 and number 7, can anyone led me in a direction for this please. You can e-mail me if you like, thank you. Chuck G---
  15. Hi, Thanks for the compliment! I'm looking forward to learning tons from everyone in the community!
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