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  2. Hello it's Friday and here is the last one for now. 1 maybe akro? 2,4,5,6 swirls maybe newer? 3,7 slags? 8 maybe wirepull? 9 slag? 10,11 12 no idea. Oh yeah I almost forgot #13 maybe vitro.
  3. Okay here you go. What about 8. I was hoping 6 would be a Christensen. But its blue.
  4. Today
  5. PROrtiz212


    Okay thanks Jose. I'll pull them out from the rest.
  6. Hmmmm again ... maybe more views on #9 ... briefly wondering if it could be a slag with a whole lot of white.
  7. Maybe Master on #7, or possibly a foreign marble. Slag on #4. Possibly slag again on #5. I wondered about slag on #6, but am leaning swirl there. I'll say WV swirl for the rest of them: 3, and 9 through 11. Hmmm ... because of the bright white base and the crisp red someone could talk me into Christensen Agate on #10. Thank you, and a good weekend to you too.
  8. Wow I didn't see that they were Peltier. How did I do on the rest? Oh by the way thank you and have a good weekend.
  9. Cool video, and nice collection. Regarding Al's observation, I did increase the speed a little because I have a short attention span. I enjoyed.
  10. Jose


    In the last picture I see at least 4 that are not similar. The rest do look like Jabos.
  11. Hello it's Friday and here is the next to last grouping I have for now. (Until I get more). I think 1,2,12 shooters are Marble king or Akro? 3 could be Akro? 4,7,8 might be Master? 5 swirl? 6,9 either Cac or WV swirls? 10 WV swirl? 11 akro screw?
  12. Great food for thought as always, John! That video is very fascinating and I need to re-watch it a couple of times. Based on your comments about process and trial and error, I speculate they likely spent more time during their early production of the heavily clear-based Sunbursts to end up with those earlier examples (such as what we call the Tiger Eye) with their more vivid colors and less "blending". In #25, they describe what to me sounds like a perfect recipe for later Sunburst marbles, basically dumping a lot of colored glass without control into a large body of clear glass: From here we could speculate that their earlier runs were a challenge to produce consistently, so they started mixing in far more colored glass to produce what are the more common and familiar "blended" sunbursts that rarely have clear base glass. I have updated my original patent suit link to a far superior version that contains images.
  13. This oddball blue and purplish Pelt Tracer that I traded for a Superman
  14. When making marbles, it is about statistical distribution of outcomes. The lawsuit documents discuss how Master added color to the glass without the benefit of a controlled injection like the Early patent (Akro). What I have not seen are the visuals showing where Master added their color to the clear base. Molten glass has to behave under the laws of physics (thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, etc.). I speculate that the color was added in the same location at consistent intervals nearest the forehearth nozzle. The shorter distant will equate to lesser time that the glass is subject to heat and interaction with adjacent streams. I would expect that Master experimented with their setups and runs and noted outcomes. Those outcomes they liked, they reproduced. Placing a color glass further away from the nozzle exposes the color to longer heat time, which may result in changes to color intensity (dense opaque to translucent to totally disappearing), and shade shift (red to brown). Add two colors together and the more time they have to swim together, they can "blend" or "mix" together. The words "blending" and "mixing" can be trigger words. Especially when it comes to colors. Chemical reaction between two colors can occur at boundary layers. Consider the dark color between the blue base and red or yellow ribbons on a Peltier Superman. Here's a video to make you think: In the end, we don't know what exactly Master did to get their desired outcomes. Only "thoughtful speculation" is what we have. John
  15. Please check out my new Peltier Submarine video ! Thankyou
  16. I was reading over the 1937 lawsuit by Akro against Master where it is clearly described that Master had a clear glass tank they dumped molten or gob glass into to produce (presumably) their entire Sunburst line. It's great reading and I regret not digesting it more earlier. Perhaps @Shamrock Marbles can help me here, but the very distinct Tiger Eye marble by Master appears to always have a) a lot of clear base glass, and b) orange, red, and purple glass. My understanding is these more clear-based glass Master Made marbles are their earliest marbles. Later we see the familiar brownish/fall colored sunbursts with less clear base glass. The questions I hope to find answers for are: 1. How did Master get such a consistent Tiger Eye marble? Were they simply dumping just those three colors into their single clear glass tank for a time and that's that? 2. How come so many Master Sunbursts have brownish/fall colors (presumably their later productions) and seem to "blend" more? I recall once that Rich (Santa) said that in some colors spontaneously appear under the right chemical conditions so I was wondering whether Master just dumping gobs or molten glass into the clear base glass was causing these typically brownish colors by some chemical process (rather than they were actually dumping 'brown" glass into the pots)? So much we don't know!
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  18. Steph


    Intriguing. Yeah, I don't see Pelt. But I also am not ready to join in with Jabo. Those ribbons are crisper than what I associate with Jabo in general. Curious to hear from others.
  19. PROrtiz212


    They looked like Peltier at first but I do believe these are Jabos. They were mixed in with a bunch of white and green ones. They all looked the same these were the odd ones. I thought the rest were WV swirls.
  20. Steph

    Shooter ID

    Imperial on the blue. Maybe Akro Moss Agate on the cloudy one.
  21. Yes to WV swirls on 3 through 8. At least on 4 through 8. Maybe 3.
  22. Here is two the blue one I believe it to be newer maybe vacor or imperial. The cloudy shooter with the small wavy patch I have no idea.
  23. Do 1, 2, 9 and 10 have one patch or two? Generally want to see two (or more) patches for a Marble King. One MK-like patch could point to Akro.
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