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  1. Today
  2. I was going to say vacor spaghetti.
  3. ok Im going to a different way to show them learning process
  4. Alley or Ravenswood. Would need more views.
  5. Alley or Ravenswood ?
  6. 1 = Alley 2 = Probably Alley, would need to see more views of the same marble. 3 = Alley 4 = Patch of some kind. Need more views and closer. 5 = Alley
  7. Pictures are to far away from the marbles to know. A white background sometimes does not work well with a white base marble.
  8. It's a West Virginia swirl, from the 1940's or thereabouts, I think. But which WV company? @wvrons .... jmglenn has some browns .....
  9. Not seeing enough of the internal structure to judge.
  10. Yesterday
  11. This is a game marble. Considered "solid color" thought it might have some variations in shade. It is almost impossible to ID who made a game marble unless you have the actual package in which it was originally sold. Game marbles was a big industry which many manufacturers took part in.
  12. This is a modern Asian cage-style cat's eye.
  13. will slowly over the next couple days be posting a lot of pics
  14. type of marbles. I think they were bad marbles. The one with the heart is my favorite
  15. @St├ęphaneFrance posted this on Facebook. 3.93 inches. This inspires me! I keep saying I want to make a very small run ... and I honestly keep thinking about it ... thought about it this past week ... am saving micropeewees for the purpose. But I guess I could also try to find one of these to buy because it looks so fun.
  16. If there was a demand, there would be a supply. Vacor de Mexico is currently making 20,000,000 marbles a day.
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