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  3. A Popeye has a CLEAR base.
  4. Nice find! Yes, they did hand grind marbles from various semi-precious stones other than agate. Conversely, the occasional cube of agate or other stones were ground into marbles on the same mill wheels on which limestone marbles were made. Old semi-precious stone marbles without facets can be found. Most old goldstone marbles are not faceted.
  5. Bought an awesome lot of agates that included two mineral spheres. The big clear sphere was clearly machine ground, so I assumed the pinkish smaller one was too. Then today I looked at it under the loupe and was shocked to find tons of facets just like the real agates. I don't have a macro lens right now so you'll have to trust me. Lesson learned: always put a loupe on those mineral spheres as apparently those crafty Germans did make some non-agate ones.
  6. Appears to be pre 1900. The seller says the family these marbles came from were originally German and had lived in the Toledo, Ohio area since the early 1800's. A note with the marbles said "Grandma Kellogg's marbles, ca 1890".
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  8. Very old lot, maybe somebody's grandparent brought them over from Europe.
  9. It is oxblood, yes. It's called an Eggyolk Oxblood. It's in the Moss Agate family, not Popeye.
  10. Hello I was wondering if the red is oxblood the size is .723 any help would be appreciated thanks for looking.
  11. Recently on eBay as a single group. Many limestone, many very faded chinas, three faceted onionskins, large one with mica (and heavily played with), a nice marble marble "blood alley", one clay, one variegated porcelain, a large wooden marble, and a Codd bottle "bullet mold". Notably absent are ordinary swirls and more clays.
  12. Are you trying to overturn decades of marble collecting folklore with your new-fangled scientific experiments? 😋
  13. One of the subjects which brings it up is that Masters can have lashes -- and when people realize that it tends to grow their Master collections. But I thought it would be fun to see how far we could extend the examples -- to Master and beyond.
  14. A true steelie is hallow and will have a X crimp on one pole. Ball bearings have destroyed more marbles than people have playing marbles. Each time it hits against a marble it leaves a mark some slight some big.
  15. I agree Jabo on the glowers. I sold ten of those same Vitro bags last year for $10.00 . Had them for sale at eight shows. Finally put them on ebay.
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  17. I recall there was a thread on this ages ago that even had lashes on some Akro glassware. It had me thinking that I can't recall seeing a lot of photos of non-corkscrew Akros with lashes.
  18. In the first row, the middle one -- brown -- is a bennington. The one on the right with light blue splotches and other faint colors is probably also a bennington. It would be called a "fancy bennington". The rest are not benningtons. The ball-bearing variety of steelie has a certain charm but pretty much no value. For most collectors the important thing to do with steelies is to make sure they aren't touch marbles they could damage. Probably futile to try to clean it.
  19. I picked these out of a box of marbles. I believe they are some kind of clay marbles. Also there is one little Steelie in there. The Steelie has a bit of rust on it, should I clean that off of it or is it better to leave it as it is?
  20. @Steph Are the blue / ivory (UV glow) marbles Vitro? Do they have a nickname? As for the Aqua Jewels, I found 10 for $4 each! And, yes, the bags are crisp and clean. The only drawback is that the seller at the antique store put the price on with tape on top of the header card... Ugh!
  21. How nice. Clearies have such charming simplicity and the little bags are sharp. (and the other mibs are nice too )
  22. Wow! I haven't had a find like this for quite awhile. Just gotta keep looking!
  23. Wow, eye candy for days. None are jumping out at me. Yet there are some I'd love to get a closer look at. That's a group I.would love to pick through.
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