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  3. Steph

    help to identify

    Hello. Welcome . That's a lot of marbles for one thread. Try starting a thread for each one of those groups. They appear to mostly be modern ... mostly Vacor de Mexico. However, there's at least one older marble in there. (2nd picture, third marble down, green and red with a thin brown stripe. This one is a 1950's Vitro All-Red. Also called a blackline all-red because of that brown stripe.)
  4. Freshprinceofmarble

    help to identify

    Hi just need help identifying these please! New to all this!
  5. Vitro marble machine at Wheaton Village. John
  6. Last week
  7. Marbles as insulators? That might be new info for me .... Neat article. I smiled when I saw how Art Fisher had designed marble rollers. It's funny how many people took or were given credit for inventing key elements of the marble making process. Pretty sure Berry Pink also took or was given that credit. Akro too.
  8. Ray ... looks like: In room selling/trading begins Jan. 30th and ends Feb. 1st, with the show on Feb. 2. http://buckeyemarble.com/february.htm
  9. Steph


    Just for fun ... post some colors ... any color ... one color ... multicolor ... marbles or not .... give us an eyeful. Sunset pink is my favorite color but turquoise/cyan is a close second.
  10. Before I miss it again when is the Buckeye show? thanks marblemiser
  11. Here's a fun little follow-up article on Vitro Agate from The Cincinnati Enquirer Sun May 12 1968.
  12. Hey Rick !!! Burning a big doobert for you .....
  13. Steph

    Learn Something New Every Day-Ish

    The state of Michigan is composed of two peninsulas. The Upper Peninsula is above Wisconsin ... and is a lot bigger than I realized. The lower part ... I didn't realize that was also a peninsula, but sure enough that "piece of land" is almost surrounded by water -- by Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and even some of Lake Erie, and Lake St. Clair.
  14. Yes, thanks for the additional information.
  15. crashbelt

    Hello from Cambridge England

    Thanks Vancecrash - collecting Victorian turned game boards with handmade marbles has been a rewarding passion for many years. The lines on the Jaques Numerical Puzzle boards are painted or perhaps inked on. They appear to be under the final finish coat and show no wear. Under close magnification they are very straight and even - much finer than the German Tactics lines on a few solitaire boards I examined for comparison. I may post some other rarer sets on the main thread so a few more people may see them.
  16. Nice find! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the size estimate. I'm so used to seeing nice big pictures that I forget how cute and little the boxes must look in hand. Japanese glassworkers never imagined that almost 100 years later people around the world would enjoy their little toys so much.
  17. That's priceless info, Ron. Thanks for sharing. I wish we had second chances to interview the old timers. We so often take them for granted not realizing how many answers they have to questions we failed to ask when they were still with us.
  18. Hi Ther, I found this small box with 4 of 1/2 inch Japanese transitional marbles inside from Codeg. Size = 6,2 x 1,5 cm II want to share it with all of you
  19. Steph

    Mostly Pix - Akro

    Nice detail!
  20. Steph

    Mostly Pix - Vitro

    Conquering army!
  21. Tiptoeing in to mention that Fire1990 is Rick who has been here since 2005 as Fire81. Tiptoeing back out.
  22. wvrons

    Final 2

    Could be Alley, Ravenswood, or Champion ? One of those three but not enough separate traits to separate it. Maybe possible in hand but difficult with pictures. Its value is about 25 to 50 cents. Because it being more generic, common and most collectors cannot narrow it to one company or time frame.
  23. The history I have on these is. Vitro owner Fisher was a engineer and liked to design new items. The different lamps with marbles, jewel trays, jewelry, etc. that included his Vitro marbles. He was single and eat almost every day at local restaurants. He never left cash as a tip for the waitress. Instead he left a item that he had made which had Vitro marbles. It started with him leaving jewelry with marbles in it. Then he designed the tray with marbles to hold the ladies jewelry. So they were named jewel trays. People in the restaurants used them for ash trays. They produce more for sales then they were sold and used as ash trays. When Fisher came into a restaurant the waitress's would flock to get him at their table, for the tip. Years ago I purchased some jewelry that a waitress had received from Fisher. Fisher designed and made 35 lamps with 7/8 marbles, in 1935. Vitro then had 35 employee's, he gave one of those lamps to each employee for Christmas in 1935. These lamps are a prized collectable in a serious Vitro collection. I know of about 13-14 being found so far. Because Fisher liked designing and making items for his marbles. Plant manager Blaine Lemon was fired because of this. Fisher like to come to the factory during the weekends to design and make items for his marbles. He would almost always leave the place in a mess after he was done. But he was the owner. Blaine Lemon was very particular about the housekeeping in the factory. Fisher had been there the weekend and left a big mess. Blaine Lemon complained loud to everyone, including Fisher, about the mess and complaining how much time and people is was going to require to clean things up. So Fisher fired Blaine Lemon and made Louie Moore plant manager. Louie was plant manager until Vitro at Parkersburg closed. Some of the info above came from employee's, a waitress, Blaine Lemon, and Louie Moore. Which all have passed on. But not forgotten. Blaine was a pleasure to sit with drinking coffee and talking his Vitro days. His favorite marble was the Parrott. He always had them in his bib overall pockets. Every time that I ever saw him he had his Parrott's. My questions for him now would be many more and more in depth than before.
  24. Dfay1983

    Peltier: Your Best/rarest Three

    Tanks been around name wise for at least 3 decades. can get a little muddled but you might’ve heard them referred to as split pea soups as well
  25. It's an old name, I'm not trying to introduce a new name, I didn't name it. It's been called a split pea soup to some collectors for a long time too. Can't help that you haven't heard of it. Congrats on your first post here.
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