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  2. Few more pics Steph .
  3. A poor choice of words on my part Ron. I didn't know for sure, that's why I posted. The first set of photos was pretty bad so I posted a second set. I've only been doing this for about 8 months now and as soon as there is a marble show that is less than a day's drive away I plan on attending so that I can see examples of collectible marbles with my own eyes. In the meantime I must rely on books and online resources. My intent was to learn, not offend so if I offended anyone I'm sorry. I will put it in the "unidentified" for now. Thanks for taking time to respond Ron. Every time hear from you I learn something and for that I am truly grateful. Thanks again.
  4. About 20 years of study. Plus handle a million or 10 million marbles. It is not easy or fast. It takes time effort and work. Warning you may also lose your hair.
  5. Makes sense now . Thanks Ron !
  6. No that is more likely a brown. Brown and earth tones was major production colors for Master. Especially with green.
  7. Alley. Good numbers can be found.
  8. Hi Steph , Is the bottom one a Master Comet that might have been running low on red during its run ?
  9. Left definite Akro patch. Center is Akro or maybe Marble King ? Would need other pictures these are a little washed out or overexposed. Far right ???
  10. Agree with the top ones being nice . The pictures off my phone just don't do enough justice . The colors are bright with nice patterns. I believed maybe the one on the bottom left could have been pelt aswell , just wasn't as blessed as the rest ! Lol
  11. I do not see a Akro cork. Looks like a swirl, good chance of Jabo. With a cork the striping color starts at one pole and twist around to the opposite pole and never crosses. This color striping on this marble does not start on one pole and end on the opposite pole. A swirl is just a random twist around a marble or in andout. It can switch back, cross itself, etc. Some swirls do corkscrew, some just as nice as Akro but they are limited mistakes not done on purpose routinely one after another. Akro is the only company that had the spinner cup equipment to twist the pattern into the nice corkscrew every time unless something malfunctioned . Akro had a few lazy corks when some problem occurred. Lots of swirls might be considered lazy corks but they are just swirls. A random swirl pattern, usually not repeated exactly. The corkscrew pattern was repeated constant as standard production. Lemonade = Lemon = Yellow color and has to glow. Has to have the ade base. Limeade = Lime = Green color and has to glow. Has to have the ade base. If you want your marble to be a lazy Akro corkscrew ? Then put it with your corks. If selling, not many if any collector would buy the marble above as a Lazy Akro Corkscrew. If you know what your marble is, why post it for identification ???? It for sure is NO Akro Lemonade. A Akro Lemonade has the ade base which is similar to a mossy base or foggy translucent base. The Lemonade base has to glow. Akro Lemonade has yellow (lemon) color on a ade base that glows. Same base for Limeade except they are green(lime) instead of yellow. There is no doubts once you have or see in hand a Lemonade or Limeade and put a backlight on them.
  12. Agree with these looking a lot like common corks , but the pontils had me wondering if American or foreign . I acquired them from an elderly customer of mine that had a gallon sized jar full Akros . I told her I also collected marbles , and to my surprise she insisted on me picking out 10 marbles . The 8 other's were common and some Prize names . Thnx, foriegn they are !
  13. Some nice Pelt patterns. Top two are super nice
  14. It's a very pretty marble nonetheless! Thanks everyone. I truly appreciate the help!
  15. It's a cork. That's about the only marble I can ID with 100% certainty.... 99% certainty?...OK, very well, 90% on a good day😀. Seriously though, I'm very confident it's a corkscrew. Kind of a lazy cork but a corkscrew nonetheless. Here are a few more photos against a white background with the camera not so close. The first one gives the best perspective. Yellow with a green spiral. The green is luminescent which is the exact opposite of what read on the Marble Alan site. Anyway, I'm thinking Lemonade. If I've I'm wrong though, I am wrong. Y'all have looked at many marbles than I have. I just didn't want my crummy photos to shape your opinion. Please let me know what you think. Thanks again!
  16. I'd agree! a lot of research and studying goes into (what eventually becomes) experience. Keep your eyes peeled, there are always questions being asked, good pictures and good people on this forum that can lend some assistance.
  17. Vitro All-Red. Akro Royal. Master.
  18. Right Imperial. I want the other two to be Master but I suspect they're interesting Imperials. On the fence. Different lighting might help.
  19. They look an awful lot like Akro Corkscrews but I'll go with non-USA transitional.
  20. At least three Pelts NLRs. Not seeing enough of bottom left.
  21. I'm thinking Akro on the left. Maybe on the right also, based on the long seam I see, though that's an unusual color combination.
  22. If you have orange glow in the white, in the white itself and not just from the yellow or orange patches, then those are Peltier Acme Realers.
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