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  4. Thanks to both of you. It is similar to Akro slags on Ebay now that I know what to look for.
  5. Well thank you Miss Marble Moderator for taking time to share some knowledge from the North!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ I knew it would be a simple matter for someone kind enough to fill me in. I do appreciate the info. I want to post one more pic on this thread, that I hope you wouldn't mind looking at seeing as how you have ID'd already, 2 out of the first 3 marbles of my collection that I have found. This last pic will be of a clear shooter with white(I think) swirls or twist inside. It's only half of one though. It was broken almost perfectly in half, probably from the farmer's plow, before I found it in the dirt. I attached it to one of those black round common magnets with some double sided tape since it was basically flat on the broke side and was also the same diameter as the magnet. I imagine that all 3 that I've found so far in that spot must have been from the same collection, but I wondered if they might all be the same manufacturer. From what you told me Steph, there's a possibility that those two might both be Marble King, and I'm sure you will know right away once you see the half-shooter if it could be MK too. I will get that pic and post it here soon and look forward to any additional thoughts you might offer about this long lost collection that I"ve been unearthing. πŸ––πŸ€“ Thanks
  6. With the different lighting, I think you have a vintage marble. In some ways it looks like a slag but some of the pictures hold me back. I'm going to offer Akro slag as a tentative ID.
  7. I would fill the question marks in with Vacor.
  8. Hi. The blue and white one is a Marble King Rainbow. Could be 1960's or a little earlier. The red and yellow and white one ... that has roughly the pattern of a Vitro All Red. Some possibility of being made by a different company, even Marble King. But usually I think those would be put in with the Vitros.
  9. Last week
  10. Here is the marble I found last fall in the same area of that field. Would it be a good chance they are the same age or even from the same set maybe??
  11. Hello All! I found this large, yet kinda plain'ish looking marble in a field nearby my home while looking for arrowheads. I have seen several varieties that are very similar, but I can not seem to find any pictures of one exactly like this, which has me puzzled because it looks so similar to many others. Also it is bigger than a lot of shooters that I've seen. It is basically exactly the same diameter as a US Quarter. So right at 1 inch. This is actually the 3rd marble I have found there, all within less than 10 feet of each other. First was a small, regular sized one that I found last fall. Then, just about a month or so ago, I found half of a clear shooter with like a white twist inside. And I just now found this 1" opaque white/light blue shooter in the same area. Hopefully these pictures show enough for one of this forum's Marble Sages to ID easily enough. If there is any specific picture method(s) that are needed, please let me know and I will do it. And lastly, allow me apologize for any and all of the typical n00b doings that I have subjected you all to. Needless to say I am very new to marble collecting. Then these last 2 pics might be more confusing than beneficial as they are through a jeweler's lens:
  12. Tried to show the pole better. The 3rd pic is opposite the other 2. Its almost like it starts and ends in the same area.
  13. Upper left to lower right - Vitro, ?, MK, MK, MK, Peltier, Peltier, ?
  14. Do you see any seams/cutlines/poles? I think I might see on peeking up from the bottom right in the first photo. A more centered view of such features could help.
  15. Came in a box from flea market. There are Vitros, MK, various swirls in the mix.
  16. How did you come by it? Or when? Did any other marbles come with it? There are things about which make me think Jabo. And things which make me wish for more views ....
  17. 5/8. Don't know if old or not.
  18. That's a nice collection.
  19. Here's a picture of some of my white/red Jabo Marbles, It could me Jabo or Vacor.
  20. Size? If modern, looks like Jabo. If older, I don't know.
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