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  1. Tom was such fund to be around and we laughed a lot as he was so witty. He knew his marbles. He is greatly missed by me.
  2. Everytime I go through papers around here, I find notes from Ken that always came with the marbles. I still think I don't have enough of his marbles. They are unique. RIP Spider.
  3. Every time I travel to WV I have a difficult time passing the exit that led to his home. Sonny was always my first stop. I miss him dearly.
  4. I am just today finding this. I haven't visited this marble chat room in years. Did not know it was still active. What a loss.
  5. I have many vintage machine mades I purchased from Junior at the Sistersville Marble Festival. I miss him every time I attend.
  6. Linda Simmons and I made marbles at D.A.S. and Sammy's and Mike was nearly always in our group of marble makers. We dedicated a run of marbles at D.A.S. to Mike Warnelis and we all miss him. His family was sent boxes of the marbles made in his memory.
  7. I will forever miss Mike. He was on my bucket list of people to meet. I waited too long. I have a nice sampling of his marbles hanging on my dining room wall.
  8. I saw it somewhere on Facebook. I am saddened by this. She was such a credit to the marble chat boards. Very knowledgeable and helpful. RIP Winnie.
  9. Spiral was the name the Akro Agate Company gave to them. Some regions of the U.S. had little boys who named them snakes. I don't think we could ever change the minds of those grown up boys now, who called them snakes. Those just getting into the hobby should use the proper name the company gave them. My Weldon called them snakes to the day he died. I call them spirals.
  10. With those photos I can't see anything. Maybe that's the point.
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