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  1. sissydear

    MC Marble? Mark Christensen?

    It could be Mark Capel.
  2. sissydear

    Need help on this bright yellow swirl

    I have some bright yellow Champion Agates
  3. sissydear

    Are these Akro or Peltier?

    Beautiful marbles!
  4. sissydear


    I like carnelians
  5. sissydear

    What is a "Snake"

    Spiral was the name the Akro Agate Company gave to them. Some regions of the U.S. had little boys who named them snakes. I don't think we could ever change the minds of those grown up boys now, who called them snakes. Those just getting into the hobby should use the proper name the company gave them. My Weldon called them snakes to the day he died. I call them spirals.
  6. sissydear


    With those photos I can't see anything. Maybe that's the point.
  7. sissydear

    David Salazar

    Yes he does.
  8. sissydear

    David Salazar

    this was the last marble Weldon bought. he got it at the marble show in Tacoma just before our horrible wreck. The marble survived the wreck. It is the prototype and David gave Weldon special papers to show that. The marble is named "Scaredy Cat".
  9. sissydear

    David Salazar

    David made this "hops" along with several of them for David Chamberlain. Chamberlain gave me one of them.
  10. sissydear

    David Salazar

    Salazar "Crane"
  11. sissydear

    David Salazar

    I have two of the aquarium marbles
  12. sissydear

    David Salazar

    My newest Salazar is another painted
  13. sissydear

    David Salazar

    Salazar This is a painted technique
  14. sissydear

    David Salazar

    Salazar "Panda"
  15. sissydear

    David Salazar

    Salazar "Moon and Stars"