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  1. If each drawer has individual spacers that are curved and would protect each marble than I would jump on it. If you did not buy it I sure would be interested in it to storeGreg small hand mades. Greg
  2. where can we find the red ad on the internet? thanks Greg
  3. I would be interested in what it did under a black light? I agree with the odd pontil remark . I have been collecting from the early 1970's and like mostly the early handmades. I have not seen this type of pontil till the Belgium and the California sulphides showed up.
  4. is the tin full of marbles ? or is it a random amount of marbles ? such as half full. Greg
  5. IF this is an old one , a black light should show it as yellow green shade. Seven of my Greneirs all show up with this color under a black light. Greg
  6. I I am interested in you slags ! 509-362-2544. Ask for Greg
  7. I found a 23/32"+ that I think your looking for. IT is preaty shinny but has a small looking blow hole or it might be called a pop out? give me a call if your interested and I can describe it better.Greg phone 509-362-2544.I am not any good at photos or sending phone photos
  8. An old marble like yours has a lot of history with each scratch. I like to wonder at all the games that were played with this giant slag, and personally would not buff this one. Greg
  9. i would like lot 8. thank you for your service. can we pay with pay pal or? Greg
  10. what happened to the data base for the auctions, I can,t load the site? thanks for the help
  11. reminds me of your original box with an Indian Head on the top from "The Peltier Glass Company" National Marbles. The design and look.
  12. All my old sulphide that are clear glass and from Germany turn a yellow-green under a black light. What does this one do?
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