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  1. Those are incredible Galen, thanks for sharing.
  2. Nice Marble Roger! Great size for a Peach slag!
  3. The "7-color Corkscrew" looks terrible. Doesn't even come close to passing as an Akro.
  4. Wow, I have never seen a White base that large. Black base, clear base, etc...but never white. Incredible find!
  5. It measures 5/8" and you can see the distinct seam as well as distinct ribbons. Thanks!
  6. Something looks really off about it. Couldn't confirm one way or another as to weather or not it has been torched, but it looks messed with in some way.
  7. What do you qualify this Vitro as? Same Blue base, but has the conqueror Patch/Ribbon pattern?
  8. The colored base conquerors are much harder to find but the name is definitely playing off CAC as Galen stated above.
  9. That is one helluva a marble Dani!!
  10. That's beyond a great find Galen...that's just ridiculous!
  11. Beautiful Foreign Sparklers Winnie!
  12. Holy Cow Galen...you didn't find all of those in the wild...did you?!
  13. Hey guys, I added more items to my Ebay listings. If anyone is interested in something there is some room for negotiation on most items. You can contact me through the forum or via Ebay, whatever works for you!
  14. That's a pattern that you don't see too often. I would also agree that Joseph's Coat would be the best classification for this marble.
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